Leftist EXPLODES In Viral Thread Denouncing Joe Biden, They REGRET Supporting Him And Democrats LIED

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2 responses to “Leftist EXPLODES In Viral Thread Denouncing Joe Biden, They REGRET Supporting Him And Democrats LIED”

  1. Serorder says:

    Tim, quote with “disowning” the “kitchen sink” treatment (Ivermectin in particular). Everything they give you in the cocktail has a purpose, it’s not a Hail Mary Pass. The MAB is to fight the virus of course and in this case, the Ivermectin regulates the patient’s immune response. They also probably gave you some kind of statin and/or steroid; CNN’s not knocking those are they? Look inside yourself and find out why you keep knocking Ivermectin. It could simply that you didn’t know. No one can know everything. You don’t have to say you like it, just quit knocking it.

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    Maybe kind of.
    I’m afraid the reason this individual is disillusioned with Biden is because he didn’t do enough socialist authoritarian powergrabs.

    I anticipate the rest of that reddit thread is full of NPCs trying to comfort the OP and tell him they can still fight capitalism together and they’ll find a better democrat next election who can turn our boys into girls and our girls into boys and who can destroy all those racist far-right extremists who don’t believe that black lives matter and who stormed the capitol on January 6 trying to destroy our democracy becase that’s what the true name of our government is, “Our Democracy,” despite what that meddlesome scrap of paper called the constitution says about it.

    It may be that we can momentarily unite around the idea that politicians are filthy self-serving liars, but for some reason democrats seem to think they’ll just find a *better* politician into whose hands we can entrust godlike powers. I still have never met someone from the mainstream left who wants to *decrease* the amount of raw power the government has.

    And yet, decreasing the government’s power is the only way liberals can safeguard themselves during a right-wing majority, and the only way conservatives can safeguard themselves during a left-wing majority. I don’t know why that point isn’t more thoughtfully considered by both sides.

    If we’re going to defeat the two-party system, it will have to be with a new party which is both unifying and which also guarantees to reduce how much control the government has over our lives.