Fauci Warns Refusing Vaccination Splitting US Into Two Countries, Judge Sentences Men To Vaccination

[youtube-feed-single]Fauci Warns Refusing Vaccination Splitting US Into Two Countries, Judge Sentences Men To Vaccination. Dr. Fauci’s statements line up with data showing states won by trump are less likely to vaccinate than states won by biden.

Democrats and republicans are so divided on vaccines that now even Fauci is entertaining the idea of a cold civil war or peaceful divorce in the United States.

In one instance a judge is sentencing men to be vaccinated sparking outrage among even leftists and the ACLU


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4 responses to “Fauci Warns Refusing Vaccination Splitting US Into Two Countries, Judge Sentences Men To Vaccination”

  1. wildjv says:

    that top post put me over the edge lol.what I don’t get is if i don’t get the vaccine who am I Hurting?? cause if you have vaccine what are you worried about? I’ll only pass it to somebody that isn’t vaccinated? we all made that choice to risk that.just ask your doctor if your healthy enough to make your own decisions.

  2. Deadbeat116 says:

    Is this satire?

  3. Mauryg says:

    First of all, I’m all for free choice. People should be able to choose to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or not. I just believe that someone who has not been vaccinated shouldn’t be able to come within 6 ft. of me without my permission. This is for my long term safety and the greater good of the majority of people.
    The CDC already encourages the wearing of officially approved ‘I GOT MY COVID-19 VACCINE’ stickers and buttons. They are cute: with a ‘V’ for victory shaped ‘band-aid and check-mark’.
    I believe, to finally put an end to this disease, it is now time for the CDC to create another symbol to be worn by those who have not been vaccinated. This is really a matter of equity, putting all people, vaccinated or not, on a level playing field. And it will be economical too. I’m sure the CDC ordered well over 300 million of these things to cover the entire US population and only half have been used; so, all the officials need do is stamp over the currently printed CDC recommended symbols with the common, red, ‘No Symbol’ to create the new ‘Not Vaccinated’ sign.
    And once the signs are made the CDC should require everyone that leaves their home to visibly display their vaccine status by wearing the appropriate sticker or button upon their chest. Because, by making each person’s vaccine status visible, I, and people like me, will know who may or may not enter into our 6 ft. zone of safety.
    And, just as a side note, if some sense of justification is needed, there is historic and legal precedence for the practice of ‘wearing a group signifying label’ on clothing in at least one European country.
    Make no mistake though, I don’t believe anybody should be discriminated against: All persons should still be treated equally – just separately. By separating the vaccinated from those that are not vaccinated, we can more quickly get back to a normal, pre-Covid-19, state of affairs. And for the greater safety of all, in public spaces such as sports stadiums and theaters, separate seating sections for vaccinated and not-vaccinated customers should be arranged. Upon entry to the stadium or theater the ushers should, in a gentle fatherly manner, seat the vaccinated to the right hand side and the not-vaccinated to the left.
    ‘Separate but Equal’ is the beginning of the solution. And, ‘Separate but Equal’ will be easier to accomplish, once each person wears their appropriate sticker or pin in plain sight. In the long run, businesses should implement, where ever possible, ‘Separate but Equal’ doors of entry, bathroom facilities and drinking fountains.
    Public transportation can also be made safer, by placing a plastic partition between the front and back halves of the bus. These plastic partitions on buses should not be hard to get used to. They are already used at most store checkout counters to protect essential employees from customers. And, as a vaccinated person, and for personal safety reasons, I’d even give up the front half of the bus to the not-vaccinated people. Of course, this plastic partitioning is not so easy in something like an elevator; but, I suppose, in the case of a building with only one elevator, one group of people could use it and the other group could use the stairs.
    Also, we should be gently nudging everyone to get vaccinated. It’s for their own good. Getting vaccinated is for the greater good of society. We can create small monetary incentives for the hesitant not-yet-vaccinated to get vaccinated; in other words, we can pay them with tax money or newly printed dollars. I’m sure, paying some people to get vaccinated will be cheaper than paying for the hospitalization of people the not-vaccinated make sick. And for the not-vaccinated who don’t respond to positive incentive some negative incentive can be created; such as, increasing their health insurance premiums. And, in the long run, if both positive and negative incentives fail, the few anti-vaccers left might be gathered up and moved to a safe location and isolated from the rest of us.
    Not that it really matters, but, there is legal precedence for moving select groups of people here in the USA too. For the greater good of our country, we had to move Indians to their reservations many generations ago. And it is still within the memory of some senior citizens that we moved our own Japanese citizens into special housing during WWII.
    Admittedly, both those mostly peaceful migrations were racist acts, back then; but, now-a-days, this kind of movement would be based in science: Scientists and doctors, who are in-the-know, are certain and insist that the not-vaccinated can still get and spread horrifying disease.
    Now, if – and only if – doing all we can do to prevent the spread of disease among not-vaccinated people fails, perhaps some other country would like to take these people in. Who knows? If any other country wants these people as immigrants, we can put them all in train cars to the east or west coast and then offer them a boat ride, free of charge, to that country.
    For those not-vaccinated and for those anti-vaccers who do not accept such generous offers, I have no final solution as to what to do with them. To me, there is no religious or moral argument here. I’m making a scientific argument. Vaccines work and if we are ever to rid the world of this plague of mankind we must have faith in the science.

  4. Koko says:

    If I stole stuff I would want a peaceful divorce too