Candace Owens Makes SHOCKING Claim That Young Kids Are Being Taught 'ADULT' Materials

[youtube-feed-single]Tim, Ian, and Lydia join host of popular Daily Wire show and author Candace Owens to examine what kids are REALLY being taught in schools.

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Guest: Candace Owens
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4 responses to “Candace Owens Makes SHOCKING Claim That Young Kids Are Being Taught ‘ADULT’ Materials”

  1. OrangeRoseMeepling says:

    I have seen this on youtube before

    I know there was a big deal in the furry fandom about 10 years ago, where some furries where showing thier erotica to minors. I have even seen those stories play out in my highschool. I have no idea how it is nowadays.

  2. On Bitchute I listened to the first 38 minutes. It stalls at that point, so I switched to YouTube and now listening to Candace and Tim talk about the trans kids nonsense.

    On trans issues, I now introduce my opinions by starting with, “As a stunning and brave non-septenary masculine presenting trans lesbian and White presenting American Indian … (White presenting because, like Tim, I’m mixed race.)

    Septenary is seven. Non-septenary is intended to mock non-binary. But a former YouTuber (now on Bitchute) who vlogs under Turd Flinging Monkey (like Sandman, his primary audience is comprised of young men who are recently red pilled and are in the stage Sandman calls “red pill rage.” Sandman is fairly polite, TFM gets very spicy. (The best recent vlogger on MGTOW topics is, in my opinion, Better Bachelor.)

    TFM proposed that all men start identifying as “masculine presenting trans lesbians.” In 2019 when the HR department where I work required all of us to fill out forms that included our gender identity, that’s what I put: masculine presenting trans lesbian.

    Break it down: masculine present = looks like a man. Trans = identifies as. Lesbian = attracted to women. It totally mocks the identitarians, but does so using politically correct terms that forces them to act based on their own public standards.

    Classic Alinsky.

    TFM is a professional financial adviser so he’s strictly anonymous. Sandman, whose health is failing, has a business, so he’s also anonymous. But Better Bachelor, while he’s anonymous, travels around the country, he’s very sharp, well spoken, like most (mature) MGTOW he genuinely likes women, and he might be willing to come on your show.

  3. Peregrinvs says:

    NVM, found it lol.

  4. Peregrinvs says:

    Yo, what happened to the whole episode?