Castle Crew Crashed Their New Car

Today at the Cast Castle, Miracle’s day is off to a rough start because she crashed her car. But spirits were lifted when Ian returned to the kitchen, this time to …

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3 responses to “Castle Crew Crashed Their New Car”

  1. Random_Chance says:

    Ian’s secret final ingredient? I’m gonna guess that it’s graphene. I could be wrong…

  2. UppityG says:

    Click bait title. Bulk of video is of Crossland constantly touching his mouth, over-sharing his germs while cooking for others. If you have to trick people into watching him, what does that tell you? Thank goodness this was recorded using the YT video player so I was able to right-arrow to the end where I discovered the title is mostly a lie.

    This is no way to treat paying members.

    • Ananki says:

      I kind of agree……. the tag was a little click bait but mhhh still delivered a crashed car so yea. The other comments about the rest of the show hmmmm good thing you don’t have to eat the food. Thanks for the upload wish I could be there.