Hospital Stops Delivering Babies As Entire Unit Of Nurses RESIGN To Protest Vaccine Mandate

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join rapper, podcaster, and commentator Zuby to break down what it means that an entire unit of nurses has resigned in protest of vaccine …

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2 responses to “Hospital Stops Delivering Babies As Entire Unit Of Nurses RESIGN To Protest Vaccine Mandate”

  1. UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

    There are no more continents to be settled. We have a World Health Organization ( W.H.O.- not the band you dope addicts) which is telling us that we need an inoculation. We have N.A.T.O. telling us that this country or that country is bad and we need to fight them. However; when I look at the resources that country has; it appears to me that we are going there to COVET THY NEIGHBORS GOODS.

    We may possibly have space stations already on the moon. If Big Brother is 60 years more advanced in technology-then you figure it out.

    The human genome has been mapped. The gene for aggressiveness was identified over 20 years ago.

    What has China, with the OK of our politicians (lets talk about commerce and how China was allowed to test millions of Americans genes for ancestry?

    What is the possibility that all this research is to make our bodies viable for space travel and to survive the rigors of space to extract resources from other planets?

    How long has N.A.S.A been experimenting with animals and bugs in space?

    What attributes do grasshoppers, wasps, roaches, and tardigrades have that make them viable in space?

    We are there kids. It’s gene manipulation time and our frontline doctors and nurses a very aware of it.

    One day…….your great great great great grand kids might look a little like grasshoppers. Or mabe it will just be the working class in a distant galaxy that are working in a gold mine that look like half human half grasshopper?

    Imagine that…..

    If John Lennon was alive he could write a new song.

    Good Night Everybody.

  2. UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

    Are they trying to say that we are lab monkeys and the government is doing a psychological experiment on us?

    Legalized marijuana, illegal aliens (Those from another earth based country. Not Superman…ha ha.) cleaning our toilets, crack cocaine and people killing each other in L.A. for a hit and to sell it on a certain street corner, easy car financing for everyone and anyone. Endless wars.

    Makes perfect sence to me.

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