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    Governor Greg Abbott Endorses Donald Trump for President
    Texas Passes Bill Allowing Authorities to Arrest Migrants Who Illegally Cross the U.S. Southern Border
    House Narrowly Defers Effort to Impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
    Senate Republicans Craft New Border Security Proposal
    Mayor Eric Adams Travels To Mexico, Tells Residents New York City Has 'No More Room' For Migrants
    DHS Secretary Mayorkas Says There is 'No New Administration Policy' on Border Wall Days After Announcing Construction
    Biden Administration to Resume Deportation Flights to Venezuela
    Biden Administration Will Now Build Wall On Southern Border As Migrant Crisis Worsens
    CBP Agent Addresses Border Patrol Authorities Cutting Concertina Wire to Allow Migrants Into the U.S.
    UK Home Secretary Says Multiculturalism has 'Failed,' Warns of ‘Uncontrolled Illegal Immigration’
    Biden Admin Says 99.97% of Illegal Aliens Use Customs and Border Patrol App
    Texas Redeploys Razor Wire Near Eagle Pass that Was Removed by Biden Administration
    Migrant Shelters in Denver Have Cost Nearly $25 Million
    Italy Expands Deterrence Efforts Amid Migrant Crisis
    Protestors Chant 'Send Them Back!' at AOC During NYC Press Conference
    Federal Judge Issues Second Ruling That DACA Program Is Illegal
    Gov. Greg Abbott Says Texas Has Bused 37,400 Migrants
    Court Permits Texas to Keep Floating Barrier in Place
    Biden Now Considering Measures to Force Migrants to Remain In Border States
    Texas Ordered to Remove Floating Barrier from Rio Grande
    The Number of Families Illegally Entering The US Reached All-Time High in August
    New York Governor Hochul Appeals to Biden for Federal Help with Migrant Crisis