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U.S. House to Vote on Gun Control Bill Today
SCOTUS Strikes Down New York State's 'Proper Cause' Gun Control Law
Rhode Island Governor Signs Three Gun Control Bills into Law
Senate Votes to Advance Gun Control Legislation With Support From 14 Republicans
Kroger, Harris Teeter Remove America-Themed Items
Congressman Tim Ryan Releases Ad Attacking JD Vance’s Call to Abolish ATF
Virginia Congressman Proposes 1000% Tax on Manufacturers, Importers, and Producers of Assault Weapons
WATCH: March for Our Lives Protesters in DC Demand Gun Control
AG Merrick Garland Announces Firearm Trafficking Enforcement Actions
California Pet Shelter Bars People Who Support Gun Ownership from Adopting Animals
Ohio Gov. DeWine Signs Bill to Allow Armed Teachers
BREAKING: Trudeau Announces National Plan to Freeze Importing, Buying or Selling Handguns (VIDEO)
Nevada Student Files Lawsuit Claiming Students Are Using Anonymous Gun Reports to Bully Him
Biden Suggests 'High-Caliber Assault Rifle' Ban as 'Rational' Gun Control Option
Lawmakers Should Not Carry Guns in Capitol Complex Says House Sergeant-at-Arms
Rep. Ruben Gallego Calls Sen. Ted Cruz a 'F-cking Baby Killer' in Profane Social Media Rant
Mass Shootings In New York, California, Illinois and Texas Over the Weekend
Randy Weaver of the Ruby Ridge Standoff Dies at 74
Firearm Homicides Reached Highest Level in Almost 30 Years During 2020
Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation, Held on No Bail
Georgia Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Bill Into Law
President Joe Biden Announces Serial Number Requirements for 'Ghost Gun'