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UPDATE: Fenix Ammunition Doxxed, Company Issues Warnings To Critics Of Social Media Post

The Ammunition Company Said Dr. Peter Hotez Should Be Treated Like A Criminal And Put On Trial

Michigan-based Fenix Ammunition issued a warning after Twitter users made public posts and sent direct messages which included owner and CEO Justin Nazaroff’s home address.

The warning followed a Tuesday Twitter post in which Fenix Ammunition said Dr. Peter Hotez, who was offered $100,000 by comedian Joe Rogan to debate Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on The Joe Rogan Experience, was a criminal regarding his involvement in the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent push for mass-vaccination.

“Dr. Hotez and other COVID vaccine maximalists should be treated similarly to doctors that experimented on Jews during the holocaust,” wrote Fenix Ammunition company in the Tuesday tweet. “They didn’t have a choice to say ‘no,’ and in many cases, neither did US citizens.”

“Treat them like the criminals they are.”

The post also featured an image of 9mm full metal jacket ammunition.

The ammunition company followed up their response to critics Tuesday evening by revealing one Twitter user sent the home address of the Fenix Ammunition social media manager, which Timcast News confirmed with Nazaroff.

“It’s on about 3.4 acres of mostly woods, I own PVS-31’s,” the account wrote. “It’s exactly 102 yards from my third floor window to the mailbox.”

PVS-31 is a high performance binocular night vision google.

Later Tuesday evening, Fenix ammunition revealed more users had sent the social media manager’s home address in a direct message. The account responded saying, “my home is open to you.”

“Steaks are on the grill,” the account wrote, providing an image of steaks, asparagus, and a beer, along with a rifle and a PVS-31.

“I’m open to your inquiries :)”

Nazaroff said he talked with one city official who confirmed the city manager and local police have received phone calls and have been harassed following Tuesday’s post.

“I say a lot of non-PC stuff,” Nazaroff told Timcast News regarding Fenix Ammunition’s social media posts, adding he isn’t a stranger to receiving harassment and threats. “But never this many in such a short amount of time. Nothing close to this.”

Fenix Ammunition shared other examples of emails and direct messages from critics, including one email in which the anonymous critic suggested the social media manager should “taste a bit of lead.”

“You want to threaten Americans because you’re weak, emasculated b—boy 2020 candidate lost in a landslide?” the anonymous email continues. “Watch your backs, a–holes.”

“If right wingers want terrorism against the USA then terrorism you will receive.”

“Now you see, that’s a threat,” Nazaroff said of the email on Twitter. “Also a reason we support the civilian right to own the weapons of war.”

Fenix Ammunition also shared a video featuring a critic of the original Twitter post threatening the business in a phone call.

“Did your social media team threaten a doctor today?” asked the caller.

Fenix Ammunition responded by clarifying they said a doctor should be put on trial for his crimes.

The caller asked what state the business was located in before warning Fenix ammunition not to “piss off” the east and west coast of the country.

“All you guys are licensed,” the caller continued. “We can look up your names, we can go through your families. We can use the free market … and put every single person you know [on your couch] eating ramen.”

“Don’t piss us off!” the caller concluded.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article did not include comments from Nazaroff or direct references to the doxxing that occurred. 

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