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WATCH: Ukraine Supporters Hold 'Stop Putin Rally' Outside UN

'Today it's Ukraine, tomorrow it's going to be a domino effect,' said one attendant

The Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey sponsored a “Stop Putin Now!” Rally across the street from the United Nations in New York City on Feb. 17.

About one hundred people — a number of whom were Ukrainian Americans — gathered outside to advocate on behalf of Ukraine in response to the reported crisis unfolding at the country’s Russian border.

The demonstration occurred on the same day President Joe Biden told reporters that the risk of Russia invading Ukraine was “very high.”

“My sense is this will happen in the next several days,” Biden said.

Timcast’s Elad Eliahu was at the rally to speak with attendants to discuss the need for the United States’ intervention in Ukraine, the importance of Ukraine potentially joining NATO, and the perceived danger that Russia’s system of government and Vladimir Putin pose to the international community.

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