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WATCH: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Delivers America First Response to Biden's State of the Union

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered an “America First Response” to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

After introducing herself as a businesswoman, wife, and mother, Greene stated, “this is the actual state of the Union. The state of the Union the media tries to hide from you. The state of Joe Biden’s America.”

First, the congresswoman from Georgia discussed the impact that pandemic restrictions have had on America’s children.

“Kids have been forced to wear masks for two years now, causing psychological problems, developmental delays, speech and language problems, and emotional issues. Instead of recognizing the harmful effects of their lockdown policies, radical Democrats simply lowered educational achievement standards to gloss over the problem,” Greene said. “Before COVID, federal standards said a 24-month-old should say an average of 50 words. Now they have come out with new guidelines saying they don’t need to say 50 words until 30 months, and they eliminated a whole bunch of other milestones for kids.”

“Meanwhile, they conspire with the teacher’s unions to keep our schools closed. Masking children is child abuse, and it will take us at least a decade or more to get back their educational achievements,” she continued.

Greene noted that suicide is on the rise among our youth and that mental health claims have doubled during the pandemic among teenagers.

Next, Greene tackled the impact that lockdowns have had on small businesses.

“Biden’s policies have also destroyed small businesses. Over 75% of American companies are small businesses. Since the pandemic began, over 200,000 small businesses – nearly 40% of the total – have permanently closed,” Greene asserted. “When small businesses are closing, that means people are losing their jobs, and businesses that struggled to keep their doors open can hardly find anyone to work because the government is paying people to stay home. No one wants to work when you can stay home with a government check being mailed to your mailbox! Over 50% of small business owners have reported being unable to fill job openings under President Biden.”G

It was not just the restrictions that have had an impact on small businesses, so Greene also addressed the rise in inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions — saying that they are the “worst we have seen in 40 years.” She said that this “has hurt small business owners because not only can they not get supplies, but they can hardly afford them!”

Greene added, “92 percent of assisted senior living facilities are struggling to find employees. So not only did Democrat authoritarians kill off our elderly with their evil lockdown nursing home policies, but they also paid so many people to stay home that we can’t take care of the ones that are still alive!”

Adding to her comments about the workforce, Greene also blasted the “globalists” who are sending American jobs overseas to get higher corporate net profits.

This greed, Greene said, led to manufacturing plants being shut down across rural America.

“And as fathers lost their jobs, mental illness and depression increased. And along with that comes alcoholism and drug abuse, creating fighting between mom and dad and in many cases leading to divorce, which creates many problems for the kids. Children no longer go to church every Sunday growing up to learn the foundations of morality, learning what’s right and wrong. At the same time, the government removed God and prayer from the schools,” Greene stated, concluding that “traditional family values have been replaced with moral decay, ghost towns, and hopelessness.”

Switching gears to discuss the “wide-open border,” Greene pointed out that “there have been over two million apprehensions of illegal aliens in just 14 months, which is more than under Trump’s entire four-year term. And that doesn’t even count the ones they never saw and never caught. With only 19,000 border patrol agents, Border Patrol is undermanned and overworked.”

Greene said that America is now being “invaded” at the southern border, where human trafficking, drug smuggling, and terrorists are crossing through.

“While we have been under extreme Covid tyranny for two years now, the leading cause of death in young people ages 18-45 is fentanyl poisoning, not COVID-19. One thing is for sure: Joe Biden is a great business partner to the Mexican cartels,” Greene snarked.

When it came to foreign policy, Greene did not hold back here either — pointing out that Biden is using our troops to defend another country’s borders while ignoring our own.

“While the media is feeding you blood, violence, and war 24/7 on every single TV, social media, and news app, owing to the deadly Russian invasion of Ukraine, America is still reeling from Joe Biden’s unforgivable failure in Afghanistan. Only six months ago, Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, armed the Taliban Islamic terrorists, and unnecessarily cost the lives of 13 American soldiers,” Greene said. “These families have not even finished mourning for their sons and daughters. He needlessly lost the lives of 13 American soldiers and now has sent thousands of American troops over to Eastern Europe to defend another country’s border.”

“And now the war hawks, globalist elites, and neocons are beating the drums of war, preparing to sacrifice more of our sons and daughters to defend another nation’s borders – but not our own. Under President Trump, this never would have happened. For four years, our country had a real leader that led America and the entire world to peace through strength. But now we have a mentally incompetent, ‘feckless, dementia-ridden piece of crap,’ to quote Kathy McCollum, who is still grieving the loss of her heroic son Rylee McCollum, one of the 13 killed in our chaotic withdrawal,” Greene continued.

Greene also defended the January 6 prisoners, while slamming the hypocrisy of their persecutions compared to what members of Black Lives Matter faced.

“And while the Democrats and the propaganda media labeled Antifa and BLM rioters ‘peaceful protesters,’ they were truly nothing more than rioters producing tremendous crime: 624 acts of arson, 97 cop cars burned, 2,385 incidents of looting in a 10-week period, at least 25 Americans killed, and over 2,000 law enforcement officers injured in the first waves of the ‘summer of rage’ riots,” Greene said. “Over 72 percent of law enforcement agencies reported officers harmed every single day of the riots. Portland burned for over 100 nights straight, and they routinely attacked the federal courthouse and the ICE building, but no one cried insurrection. Instead, Kamala Harris and Ilhan Omar shared the Minnesota Freedom Fund bail bond link and encouraged people to bail out rioters. They cheered for riots in 2020 that caused over $2 billion in damages to American cities.”

“And they funded BLM on the ActBlue fundraising platform, and they rewarded the mayors of major Democrat cities, but they only rewarded the governments of the cities, not the American people. They rewarded the American cities that defunded their police but did nothing for the American business owners,” Greene continued.

Greene did not stop there, she added that “the same Democrats that bailed out criminal rioters are now persecuting pre-trial January 6 defendants and holding them in inhumane conditions for up to 22 hours a day. The Democrats don’t care about justice. These January 6 defendants’ due process rights are being denied. I witnessed this myself when I toured the DC jail along with my colleague Congressman Louie Gohmert. We saw with our own eyes men who have been forgotten, are not allowed to shave, are not allowed to have a haircut, are denied chapel, are denied communion, haven’t seen their own families since their arrest, and are even denied counsel with their attorneys. I’ll never forget the hopelessness I saw in their eyes, and none of these men have even been convicted yet. They are all there awaiting trial.”

“Tragically, the state of our union is a country that has a two-track justice system based on which way you vote, where Joe Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice target parents holding their school boards accountable to remove racist CRT from their taxpayer-funded education but turn a blind eye to the domestic terrorism in the streets that we lived through in the summer of 2020.”

To address the issues that she outlined, Greene called for an “American Revival.”

‘This is the plan to put America First. We must secure our border by finishing President Trump’s border wall, for we are not a nation without strong borders. We will impose an immigration moratorium, empower ICE to deport all illegal aliens, defund sanctuary cities, and stop harboring criminals. While Joe Biden wants to send our border patrol agents to defend other country’s borders, we will expand and strengthen our CBP to protect our OWN borders,” Greene said. She added, “We must return to energy independence, increase clean coal, oil, natural gas, fracking, and nuclear energy production, and finish the Keystone pipeline. America must never rely on the world again for energy, especially in times of war, when we need strength in negotiating.”

“We must return to traditional family values and return our children’s education decisions where it has always belonged: with the parents. We must eliminate all racist CRT teaching in every single part of our education, and never again abuse our children with forced masking,” she continued. “We must defend women’s rights by keeping all biological men out of all places where women should feel safe and secure: their bathrooms, locker rooms, dorm rooms, and the place where we compete – our sports. The left needs to stop empowering men to beat women, and we won’t stand for them to beat our daughters. We need to outlaw pediatric gender clinics. Children should be allowed to grow up and should never be poisoned, castrated, or mutilated in the name of radical transgender ideology.”

Greene asserted that “education should be about excelling in reading, writing, and arithmetic, not indoctrination into sexual deviancy with pornography masquerading as literature.”

“Most importantly, we need to return God and prayer in school.”

Greene continued to list off actions she believes must be taken before concluding, “So tonight, I’m calling for an American Revival. A revival of spirit. A revival of courage. A revival of unity. A revival of victory. And most importantly, a revival of faith, a faith that relies on our God to conquer the enemies that want to destroy our way of life. We need to reject the politics of race and division to come together as one American family to put America first. “

Greene’s full remarks begin at the 2:49 mark in this video stream:

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