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WATCH: Protestors Demanding Rittenhouse's Expulsion from ASU Clash with Counterprotestors on Campus

TimCast was on the scene to hear arguments from both sides

About 100 students gathered at Arizona State University to protest the presence of Kyle Rittenhouse on campus.

Four student groups — Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, and the Mexican American student group MEChA de AS — launched the campaign to expel the Rittenhouse after his recent acquittal.

The student groups, which held signs that read “End White Supremacy” and “Killer Off Our Campus,” were met with about 100 counterprotestors brandishing signs reading “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” and “Rosenbaum died as he lived: trying to touch a minor.”

Elad Eliahu was on the scene to speak with protestors on both sides of the aisle about the claim that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, the young man’s recent statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the nuances of the jury’s verdict in Wisconsin.

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32 responses to “WATCH: Protestors Demanding Rittenhouse’s Expulsion from ASU Clash with Counterprotestors on Campus”

  1. wescom says:

    Well done! Seems like actual reporting.

  2. Kvanvliet says:

    That video was hysterical 🤣

  3. HerrDoktor says:

    Leftists: “Get this killer off our campus!”
    Also leftists, in the exact same frame: “Death 2 America”

  4. Tigranes says:

    Looks like most of these idiots are attending a social event. I can take some morbid comfort in this, that when we are standing in that grand execution line, the useful idiots will be in front of that line.

  5. JaeSea says:

    Stop calling it a BLM protest….it was a fucking riot. I live in Kenosha and stop pushing the narrative that it was just a “protest”. It was never a protest. The city was on fire within hours of Jacob Blake being shot.

  6. TheOne says:

    WOW the Anti-Kyle people are retarded…

  7. MassSkeptic says:

    Do you know how many useless college degrees we have in this country today? Kids graduating with a 4 year degree in Mesopotanium lesbian basket weaving, $200,000 in debt and mad as hell when they reach their mid 20s because there is no demand in our society for Mesopotanium lesbian basket weavers.

    Over here we have a famous college Hampshire College that is a place where rich people send their idiot kids to get degrees in frisbee throwing, camping, etc. I would hire a kid who dropped out of the 3rd grade before I selected any of these pampered village idiots for a position.

  8. Trealoff says:

    I’m from Wisconsin.

  9. kramit says:

    “get fucked bottom text”
    LMAO! I love irl meme magic.

  10. Vahamon says:

    To all thoses who says that there is no communist agenda in America (we experience the same shit in Canada) when you see explicit banner like “Students for socialism”, that’s all you need to see to shut your dirty little mouth. My friends and family didn’t believe me, now they do.

  11. FlPeep says:

    The obvious lack of basic intelligence of so many of these students is astounding. Right there is a perfect example of our failed education system; both social and institutional.

  12. pandusa says:

    Don’t worry Kyle…They hate EVERYBODY decent.
    Mass murderers is more their thing. Like those commie bastards they idolize.
    “You say you’ll change the constitution. Well, you know. We’d all love to change your HEAD.”

    “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao. You ain’t gonna make with anyone anyhow.
    Don’t you know it’s going to be… all right-Revolution- The Beatles

  13. MarkOakley says:

    And frig. There’s no post edit button. Please excuse my stupid typos on my previous comment. Thx.

  14. MarkOakley says:

    More of this, please!

    Each of the big names in the YouTube space is the Hard Ladder they each had to climb, putting out tons of work to put their names on the map. Tim was doing SO much work to establish his channel, he lost his voice. Timcast IRL is a way of sharing the weight around, it’s easier, (not saying it isn’t a lot of work, but it’s sustainable, not “candle and both ends” stuff like back then.

    Steven Crowder’s Hard Ladder was his on the ground “Change My Mind” stuff. That’s killer work, and nobody on their own, I think, can sustain that kind of effort.

    But that was gold. Actually seeing the people in the world, asking them questions, that keeps the YouTuber and the audience connected to reality. That’s super important, because when people get too comfortable in their studios, it’s possible to slip out of touch. Look at what happened to Cenk Uygur. That guy has completely lost his mind, but he started off with some real brains. Too much time away from the course-corrective power of experiencing friction with the public.


    Spreading the load, sending reporters into the field, might be a good way of countering the decaying force of comfort and insulation from reality. Stay in touch.

    One of the reasons Tim is so grounded and aware is probably due to his having spent time in the trenches, having to face off with reality.

  15. SamwiseGG says:

    To ‘Get Fucked’ guy is low-key my hero.

  16. som1alive says:

    Solid reporting!

  17. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Great reporting, Timcast! This is the shit we pay for!

    Kinda funny that the commies are hateful and angry, but the Let’s Go Brandon crowed is fucking hilarious. It’s interesting that the people having a good time are apparently the bad guys…

    Let’s Go Brandon to all, and to all a good Kyle.

  18. Zeknix says:

    This is what I’ve been paying for….. Thank God it’s coming to fruition.

  19. DavidFlora says:

    Nice job

  20. alienbeans says:

    “students for socialism” …..holy shit lol

  21. MontyLalado says:

    At 8:00 I felt the sudden urge to motorboat, can’t figure out why

  22. Good to see some on the ground reporting

  23. frankaron says:

    Excellent reporting as always.

  24. DrVinnyBoombatz says:

    Wow, with that many white supremacists on campus, they’re going to have to kick out more than just Kyle in order to feel “safe”

  25. Turk_Longwell says:

    Word up. It’s just sad. They have no valid arguments to back up their beliefs yet believe 100% in how they feel. It’s the freaking indoctrination.

  26. TylerDurham says:

    More interviews like this. Reminds me of Vice in it’s glory days.

  27. nrol34 says:

    The girl with the perky breasts was the soberest in the Rittenhouse conversation. You should research the Ford Foundation and Sarra Tikola. Tikola chased the two boys out of the multi-cultural center in September, she also headed a rally spewing lies about Rittenhouse on 12/01/21. The university gave her a slap on the wrist for the two boys chased out of the multicultural center.

    Sarra is a PhD student in the Ford foundation classes they have on campus. She is not enabled by the education she gets there. She should be expelled for the sake of other students, for the sake of the program and for the integrity of the university. Holding a rally and spouting lies and enraging the masses is not the kind of citizen we want in this country.

  28. JCMG says:

    “Students for Socialism” that is what your 100k in tuition is paying for, parents.

  29. Indigobunting says:

    I going to have a protest of one. My sign will read Leave Kyle Alone.

  30. Great segment! Watching from the Free State.

  31. akaSKIZ says:

    It’s such a strange phenomenon that the Leftists can never make any sense when interviewed, yet still hold to their convictions

  32. mjpluth says:

    These man on the street interviews are fantastic. Keep it up.