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WATCH: Over 1,000 NYC Residents March Against Vaccine Mandates

Elad Eliahu speaks with New Yorkers who say the 'Key to NYC' program violates their freedom

About 1,000 New York City residents attended a protest at Foley Square on Sept. 27 to voice their opposition to the city’s vaccine mandates, also known as the “Key to NYC” program.

The protest, called NYC Walkout 2, was presented by New York Freedom Rally and NY Teachers for Choice, an organization that has filed a federal lawsuit against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s citywide mandate. The demonstration offered live music, speakers, and concluded with a march at 6 p.m.

Elad Eliahu was on the scene to talk with those in attendance, who chanted “No segregation!” and held up signs that read “The People’s Patience is Wearing Thin” and “If you can gain your freedom, do so” — a scripture from 1 Corinthians.

Demonstrators discussed their concerns over looming joblessness due to their lack of compliance, outrage over government overreach, and the vitality of one’s individual right to choose.

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2 responses to “WATCH: Over 1,000 NYC Residents March Against Vaccine Mandates”

  1. JCMG says:

    We need more of this and we need it yesterday. I am glad that there are still demonstrations in ocean blue cities like NYC

    More of this please.

  2. dovy says:

    They could have done this, oh, a year ago and changed things… Glad some people are out, but only 1,000? Why are people such sheeple?