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WATCH: Democrat Voters Gather at Rally to See Warnock, Obama Ahead of Dec. 6 Runoff

'We want to send someone back to the Senate that's going to make a difference [and] help people in the state of Georgia' one Warnock supporter told Timcast

Thousands gathered at a rally where former President Barack Obama joined Sen. Raphael Warnock at Pullman Yards in Atlanta on Dec. 1 — just days ahead of the incumbent lawmaker’s runoff election against Republican Herschel Walker.

“Some folks are asking, ‘Well, if Democrats are to have control of the Senate, why? Why does this matter? What’s the difference between 50 and 51?’” Obama said. The answer is a lot.

Timcast was on the scene to speak with attendees from multiple states about the perception of voter suppression in Georgia, their reasons for supporting Warnock in the runoff, and common criticisms aimed at Walker. 

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