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WATCH: Biden Claims Up to 98% of Americans Must Get Vaccinated Before ‘Return to Normal’

After receiving his COVID booster dose on Sept. 27, President Biden told reporters 97 to 98% of the population will need to be vaccinate before the country can return to “normal.”

“What is the percentage of total vaccinations that have to be deployed?” asked one reporter at the White House.

“I think we get the vast majority like what’s going on in some industries and some schools — 97, 98% … I think we’re getting awful close, but I’m not the scientist,” said the President. “A quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated.”

CNN’s Leana Wen made similar comments over the weekend, claiming vaccinated people pose a major health threat to unvaccinated children.

“Those who are vaccinated, we now know based on the CDC, they are now able with the Delta Variant, because they carry so much virus, they may transmit it to their unvaccinated family members,” said Wen.

“I, for example, even though I’m fully vaccinated, my children are not because they’re too young. So now I have to be careful for my children because of all the unvaccinated people around us,” she added.

“Masks are a very powerful layer of protection. It’s one layer … Let’s say a school or class where everyone is vaccinated in that class, I could imagine that situation where we would remove masks. Or if we have rapid testing. Imagine if every child and teacher were tested every morning, and also they’re vaccinated … Maybe you can remove masks at that time. We’re nowhere near that yet,” Dr. Wen told CNN.

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12 responses to “WATCH: Biden Claims Up to 98% of Americans Must Get Vaccinated Before ‘Return to Normal’”

  1. fusion311 says:

    Why didn’t they use the real Oval Office?
    That backround(outside photo) looks so bad there!

  2. Fool_Moony says:

    You got some sauce for these claims?

  3. preyingmathis says:

    As if anyone believes that these people are getting the real shot. Its either saline, nothing at all, or a different vaccine. Its definitely not the one they are giving out to us. We are getting 2 versions. We either get lucky and its saline or we get the real deal kill shot. Its a lottery. Has anyone here been following the autopsies of the vaccinated? If its true, we are fucked. Im not taking the mark of the beast lol

  4. Wolv256 says:

    Counterpoint: Fuck you!

  5. TimChandler5150 says:

    Biden now says we will be “back to normal” when 98% of people get “vaxxed”. Another fake goalpost, and this one pretty fucking unattainable. The CDC says the vaccinated people carry an extremely high viral load, which can be dangerous to people who are unvaccinated. This is often referred to as “shedding” the virus. The fucking morons bitching about the unvaccinated are saying the vaccinated carry a high viral load, which is dangerous to our children who are too young to be vaccinated, and all those UNVAXXED MAGGOTS out there are responsible for endangering our kids so much.

    WHAT?!?!! This literally makes no fucking sense at all not even in the slightest, but these people say this shit like it’s perfectly reasonable and makes perfect sense, and we must hunt down the unvaccinated and make them get the shot–FOR OUR CHILDREN.

    WHAT?!?!?!? We live in fucking Narnia where an evil witch is controlling the thoughts of half of the population and feeding them Turkish Delight if they only go after the evil UNVAXXED and the vile enablers of their wickedness, the REPUBLICANS and anybody outside mainstream media or who actually THINKS FOR THEMSELVES in the slightest.

    I can has Turkish delights then, mum? Can I really, I? Those ANTI-VAX people should have their genitals boiled off and their entrails staked out and fed to the wolves while their PRECIOUS little offspring watch in righteous horror, revolted by the evil that their WICKED MAGAT parents hath wrought upon this country of NOBLE LIBERALS and SOCIALIST SAINTS of DELIVERANCE! SAVE US, LORD FAUCI, OUR MOST HIGHLY REVERED PROPHET AND HOLY SAINT, DISCIPLE OF OUR MOST RIGHTEOUS SAVIOR AND CREATOR OF THE HOLY VAXXES, BIG PHARMA! Cast into the pits of hell the wicked, despicable, false prophet of the anti-vax MAGATS, DONALD TRUMP, who dared try to unjustly claim the glory of our salvation by pretending he was really helping to create our most righteous VACCINE BOMB, the only effective weapon we have against this horrible plague of punishment wrought upon us by the SCIENCE DENIERS gaining too much power in our nation, denying and perverting the TRUE SCIENCE known by our honest and noble defenders in the MAIN STREAM MEDIA to be the real HOLY GOSPEL!!! There, was that good enough then, mum? Can I really have another Turkish delight?

    AWWWW, YOU PROMISED!!! You said I wouldn’t have to kill any of my friends or family that were unvaxxed! Do you promise I can has another . . . another . . . TURKISH DELIGHT! . . . if I only just kill . . . just my tertiary friends who are unvaxxed? Well alright, then! It’s not like they deserve to remain breathing when they are literally poisoning those of us with sense enough to do what’s best for us, right? Ok I’ll take my medicine, mum, but then–ooh, ooh!!! Turkish . . . . . . DELIGHTS!!!!!!! I must have them! ALL OF THEM!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Make the bad people stop keeping me from my candy!!!!! It’s not FAIR they get to walk around like that, all perfectly fine, and unaffected by their horrible decisions! If the rest of us won’t stand for it, why can’t we just hold them down and force them to do it?!? We can make them pledge allegiance . . . and renounce their faith in the Orange Devil! And then . . . THE HOLY JAB!!! Right in the SANCTIFIED LEFT SHOULDER OF THE SACRED RECEIVING! Or–why can’t we just get rid of them all so I can just bloody well eat . . .


    . . . MY PRECIOUS TURKISH . . .

    . . . DDEELLIIGGHHTTSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. JiltedValkyrie says:

    My county is at least 1 vaccine dose and almost 98% and we are not even close to back to normal.

  7. Devilsgun says:

    I don’t care what Emperor Clown-Ass Bumbles says about anything, I’m not having this shit.

    Anybody pushing a ‘vaccine’ this hard is obviously fucking lying and has dark intent

  8. Plaguen says:

    I’m confused. Biden said this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed, now that CCP lady is telling me that the vaxxed carry a higher viral load and could more easily infect the unvaxxed? Sounds like a pandemic of the vaxxed to me. I bet that syringe is filled with a saline solution, if anything.

  9. TheDarkworld says:

    And once again a fake goal post gets set

  10. JohnNelson says:

    Pretty soon hes going to say 106% of Americans need to get vaxxed.

  11. CariDLC says:

    He’s not a scientist OR a president, so why the hell should we care what someone tells him to say?