Trump Says He Will Sit for Deposition in Lawsuit Against Big Tech Companies, Adds He's Ready for 'War'

By Cassandra Fairbanks

Former President Donald Trump has announced that he will sit for a deposition in his lawsuit against Big Tech companies.

Trump also said that he is prepared for a “war.”

Trump made the comments during an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday, while discussing his class action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and Google over his bans from the platforms.

“You gonna sit for a deposition?” O’Reilly asked during the interview on his “No Spin News” platform.

“Sure. I mean, I look forward to it actually,” Trump replied. “I love talking about the election fraud because it was the most fraudulent election – well, I think we’ve had a lot of them frankly – but the most fraudulent election in the history of our country.”

“Are your lawyers prepared, though, for the war? There will be a war. You know that. Are they prepared for it?” O’Reilly asked.

“Everything is a war. With me, life is a war. Yeah, we’re prepared and somebody had to do it,” Trump replied, adding that “everybody’s wanted” him to sue the tech giants. “They’re bad, they’re bad people,” he added.

Trump announced the lawsuits on Wednesday, saying in a statement that “we’re asking the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies’ illegal, shameful censorship of the American people.

“They’re doing bad things and they’re really hurting our nation and maybe in the process of destroying our nation,” he said. “We’re not going to let that happen.”

“We’re going to hold Big Tech very accountable,” he added.

The Daily Mail notes that “the three are all private companies and users must agree to their terms of service, which legal experts said would make it difficult to argue they were government agents and subject to First Amendment protections on free speech.”

“However, Trump and his lawyers say that the platforms have bowed to the wishes of Congress and have been given certain legal immunities, which mean they no longer have all the rights of private companies,” the report added, referring to Section 230 which grants them immunity from lawsuits — as long as they are acting as platforms instead of publishers.

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35 responses to “Trump Says He Will Sit for Deposition in Lawsuit Against Big Tech Companies, Adds He’s Ready for ‘War’”

  1. Scootouchard says:

    They seem to have a lot of former government employees and there seems to be a job trail back and forth between democrat government positions and the tech giants. Also they take direct requests from government officials on takedown requests. Private companies acting as government agents and they are also a monopolistic cartel that conspire amongst themselves to crush their competition that would offer free speech.

  2. I don’t know about CIA agents having terms. You need experienced people in these agencies I don’t know if that’s a good thing to have people rotate in and out all the time. I’m definitely on board with the term limit thing though. That would crush corruption pretty hard and you can’t go back and try to run for Another office unless I guess if you’re a congressman and you’re going to run for a senator spot you only get one term. And if you’re running for president you would get 2.Honestly I don’t think we should have elections any more not to that degree. I think that people vote irresponsibly and it’s a privilege not a right because stupid people vote all the time and then you get shit like this. That vote is powerful and for The power of the vote be squandered on people who don’t know what the fucks going on or young teenagers who just want to check a box because is popular yeah I don’t think that they should have a chance to have a voice in the in embodied politic. Just like when people move to different states they’re going to bring their bullshit with them it’s possible Texas could flip blue. Because people from California and moving there and bringing their bad policies with them. Far as I’m concerned if you move to a different area you need to wait at least two years before you could be able to vote in that communities elections even state elections not so much federal but it’s not fair to those people who have a pretty good routine of things down pretty good and then people from California come with bullshit and fuck everything up. Personally I think it should be a draft or a lottery or like jury duty on how people are picked for local and congressional offices

  3. So, the “Left” used to be against Corp. When Trump got in, I’m thinking people auto-identified Trump with Corp. USA, white man, blah blah. So, when Dems mind Snapped and there left eyes all kind squinted and jerked about, they went on the warpath and that’s the moment the left started trusting and backing the Govt. because surely, they must be the good guys and the ‘good guys’ never lie and they are victims like us and they are fighting this monster. That’s the only reasonable explanation that I can come up with on how the left became such government lapdogs. I guess I’m speaking from an older left generation. When I was left it was rage against the machine now it’s rage for the machine I didn’t leave the left left left me. That Overton window shifted so far, I don’t even know what to say. I am now considered populous right. The realignment isn’t fully complete but when it is Republicans will be the party of tradition the party of America The party of the working class the party of the constitution. That’s a massive realignment. The Democrats went all out so much so that they can’t come back they can never come back they went to far left. The realignment will solidify and there ain’t no coming back.

  4. PolishPierogi says:


  5. jgarza262 says:

    Great shit Cassandra Fairbanks! This is the content I will pay for. Just to know what the right is doing would be swell. I think Trump will do well with these lawsuits. Everyone feels jipped and left out; Biden won, that was it and the right did nothing. But it’s nice to know that Trump was just building a case. 2022 and 2024 it is I guess.

  6. MikeH says:

    Yeah I caught maybe the first 5 to 10 minutes or so and then kaplooie! I’m hoping they post the full and the bonus in the members only segment. Boggles the mind, and keeps me thinking of what Fresh and Fit said about changing our dating habits for the greater good. What’s the point? Society is already headed toward the cliff just a matter of time before we go over. When do we throw-in towel? Simon Sinek writes about those that sacrifice themselves for everyone else (Tim, Ian, and Liz & Crowder) and those that sacrifice everyone else for themselves (the corp shills). Peace out!

  7. Skookum says:

    Agree! I really wanted to see the rest of the one last time (the guy was talking about civil war). Didn’t hear a word about why it was suddenly gone. They could have put it up here.

  8. TheDarkworld says:

    I wonder if it was about that lead on the FBI? “HE SAID WHAT? THAT’S NOW A BANABLE OFFENSE!!!” Susan probably

  9. Yeah this is weird. The video says it was removed by the user. And this shit happened a few months ago and he never mentioned it or put it on he better not fuck us. This was the best show he’s had in a while.

  10. cLOUDDEAD says:

    Darren Beattie

  11. WontDieQuietly says:

    His show got pulled tonight!

  12. Caladors says:

    I was like where was it

  13. cutter says:

    That’s a cop out. Trump just didn’t know how to wield the power he had as effectively as he could have. He hired terrible people for key positions and — ironically for the guy known for saying “You’re fired!” on TV — he left incompetent and disloyal people keep their jobs instead of cleaning house. I like Trump in general, but it does no good to make excuses for his failures. He was a major disappointment in many ways, and he was really his own worst enemy.

  14. TiT0 says:

    Dude did they finally come after Tim? Is he next on the chopping block?

  15. Alaskaguy says:

    Same!!! I was looking for it here also

  16. Kpilgrim609 says:

    So I’m not the only one? I was like yo wtf happened bro?!?!? Lol

  17. RaeRayy says:

    Yoo Tim how do I get to the bonus segment. YouTube just banned your video while I was watching

  18. Bobo says:

    Hopefully we’ll find out around 11

  19. Bobo says:

    Idr, Alls I know is he was a speech writer for Trump, if I’m remembering correctly.

  20. This was the best show Tim’s had In a while too. Hope he uploads to his website soon. Last time this happened was weird. Because he never acknowledged it and it was never on his website.

  21. Bobo says:

    Lol is that what happened? Was watching paused for a few minutes and it disappeared

  22. ark_nok says:

    as the man, whose interview at Timcast_IRL just got nuked, said – Trump couldn’t do much at all because he had the support of the common people but none of the elites of society. No actual levers to enact change.

  23. Hollywood says:

    Ohhh it’s gonna get spicy

  24. Baronhalt8 says:

    Hell Yeah! Best thing Trump did for our country was red pill half the nation. Glad to see him taking the lead here.

  25. UppityG says:

    He’s right, there have been a number of fraudulent elections, because once Ds get into power, they stay there, despite ruining everything they touch. It’s yet another reason why we should institute Term Limits for ALL govt jobs, elected or not. Then they can’t weld their butts to those cushy govt jobs for their entire lives by stuffing the ballot box. If TLs are good enough for POTUS, then they’re good enough for alllll the rest. From POTUS all the way down to the local school custodian, they get three 4-year terms for a personal lifetime total govt employment of 12 years maximum. In any govt, fed / state / county. SCOTUS justices would get one 22 year term and state supremes would get one 24 year term. Circuit judges? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. Secretary to the mayor? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. CIA agent? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. County commissioner? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. Public school teacher? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. Army soldier, any rank? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. Hoover dam technician? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. Speaker of the House? Three 4-year terms lifetime max. You get the idea.

    No more govt lifetime careerists, of any kind, not even in the military, nor any of the alphabet agencies. And no more unions for govt workers. All unions are communist by nature.

  26. theframerswereright says:

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2024, 2028, 2032…🇺🇸

  27. FxTwT says:

    Glad to hear it. I hope that his lawyers are successful in their endeavors.

  28. cutter says:

    Good on him for leading this charge, but I have to wonder why he didn’t actually do anything about big tech while he was still in office? Escaped horse, open barn door, YMMV.

  29. Shaun_H says:

    Win or lose, it was a nice moment to see a President stand with the nation. Trump got my first and probably last vote. A republic if you can keep it right? Freedom was nice while it lasted.

  30. D34DB33F says:

    Nothing but a display. He could have done something while in office, and the Republican party has had plenty of opportunity. This is a publicity stunt. All I know is who I’m going to vote for in the next election, that’s for sure.

  31. Sandman says:

    The war that will ensue from Former President Donald Trumps’ lawsuits will be a war not of bullets and bombs. This war will require all good men and women to rise up and speak out in whatever platform or forum available to them. The social media oligarchy will censor as much as they can. We must go old school and talk to our neighbor’s and families and friends across the fence so to speak.

  32. Devilsgun says:

    Orange Man Badass

    Everybody needs to step up to this fight

  33. Jaysindix says:

    If anything happens to Trump there will be war.

    There are so many who are highly trained military service members with very scary skills. Many people will die. Many of them think them think they are Anonymous because internet.

    I will pray for their souls… most of them.

  34. DavidFlora says:

    If it weren’t for his money before being elected and having security well better then the secret service, he’d be dead like Kennedy. We cannot allow this fight to die we’re truly fighting for our lives. God help us and our children…