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'Trendy, Misused, And Misdirected': Lizzo Slams Cancel Culture, Fans React

'I Hope We Can Phase Out Of This [And] Focus Our Outrage On The Real Problems'

Rapper Lizzo criticized cancel culture in a Sunday tweet, claiming the practice was “trendy, misused, and misdirected.”

Lizzo noted the origins of cancel culture stemmed from “truly marginalized people.”

“This may be a random time to say this but it’s on my heart.. cancel culture is appropriation,” the rapper tweeted. “There was real outrage from truly marginalized people and now it’s become trendy, misused and misdirected.”

“I hope we can phase out of this & focus our outrage on the real problems.”

“Unfortunately, I think this is by design and is probably bigger than all of us,” one user responded to Lizzo. “Check out docs like ‘Social Dilemma’ on Netflix. People are unfortunately being manipulated daily through social media platforms and such, creating keyboard courage, showing such a bad side of society.”

“This generation, or generation Z, have to learn how to forgive Forgiveness is one of the most important human attributes in the journey of our humanity, so is love & compassion,” said another user. “We love to cancel people for their flaws but we don’t know how to love and forgive or be compassionate.”

“When we judge others passionately, have we judged ourselves?” the user continued. “If we reflect once in a while on our own faults we ll see how truly flawed we are. WE SHOULD LEARN TO FORGIVE.”

One National Public Radio (NPR) and PBS correspondent appeared to double down on Lizzo’s sentiment, noting the term “woke” had been “weaponized.”

“You’ve reminded me of how white nationalists have appropriated ‘woke,’ to weaponize against the community that the expression hails from, as well,” said Ian Saint.

“I wasn’t entirely sure what Lizzo meant by this at first, but after a deeper understanding I absolutely agree,” said journalist Eve Barlow. “Cancel culture has been used to empower self-proclaimed social justice ‘warriors’ who think they’re aiding a cause by ruining other people’s lives. Hate doesn’t win.”

“The moment right wing pundits and power figures were able to brag about being canceled while their popularity only grew, cancel culture become their tool more than it became ours,” said another user.

Lizzo previously criticized users in a Friday tweet saying, “we need to talk about the epidemic of believing any and everything y’all see on social media…”

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