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Thomas Massie Endorses Ron DeSantis For 2024 Nomination

DeSantis, who has yet to formally declare his candidacy, still trails Trump by 30 points in the race for the GOP nomination

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie has formally endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president, becoming the second House Republican to offer support even though DeSantis still has yet to formally declare his candidacy.

Massie issued the statement through the newly formed pro-DeSantis super-PAC Never Back Down, which was founded by Ken Cuccinelli, who served as the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security during the Trump administration.

“America needs a leader who is decisive, respects the Constitution, understands policy, puts family first, and leads by inspiring. That’s why I’m endorsing Ron DeSantis for President,” Massie said.

He continued:

I’ve been honored to call Ron DeSantis a friend for over a decade. During the six years we served together in Congress, I witnessed Ron fight for economic freedom, personal liberty, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government.

In his congressional office and as Governor, Ron has always surrounded himself with capable people who share his principles. Ron knows that putting America first means putting Americans first, not corporations, and he’s never backed down from a fight with the big guys in pharma, agriculture, and tech.

If we make the right choices, America’s best days are in front of us. Let’s pick a proven energetic leader who can get us there. Let’s choose Ron DeSantis for President.

Recent polling shows Trump with a 30-point lead over DeSantis as the current favorite for the Republican 2024 nomination, having roughly doubled his lead following a recent indictment from Manhattan’s District Attorney, which some pundits view as political and malicious.

On April 5, the New York Times published an op-ed piece opposing the indictment by New York prosecutors, which has spiked Trump’s favorability among some voters.

Philip Wegmann, writing for Real Clear Politics, says that Massie’s endorsement “could undercut recent Trump attacks that DeSantis was once a ‘disciple’ of” former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was seen as sympathetic to maintaining the status quo of the political establishment.

Up to this point, six senators and more than three dozen House members announced they are supporting Trump in the 2024 race.

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