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Pelosi Heckled By Four Protestors During Appearance In New York

'Hey, Congresswoman! I Came To See A Warmonger, But You’re A Sad Old Drunk. What Happened?'

California representative and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was heckled by protestors during an appearance at a New York City university.

During an appearance at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center with economist Paul Krugman, hecklers interrupted Pelosi by referring to her as a “warmonger” and “sad old drunk.”

“You know Pelosi, that’s a very good place for you, in the depths of hell,” one heckler began shouting as the crowd booed. “For some reason, you have a very bad obsession of getting us into war!”

“Hey, why is it that you did not admit that there were no WMDs in Iraq? You lied us into a war in Iraq,” the protestor yelled as a security attempted to remove him from the event. “You got us to invade Afghanistan. Now over 90% of those people are impoverished and are dying,”

One audience member said “you’re an a–hole” to the protestor as the crowd continued booing.

“Why don’t you tell the truth about Nordstream? You’re leaving millions of Germans without energy!” the protestor continued as security escorted him toward the exit. “You have a knack for getting us into war! People like you should be arrested. You are a war criminal!”

Neither Pelosi or Krugman responded to the protestor, though shortly after the first protestor was escorted outside a second protestor began shouting.

“Hey, Congresswoman! I came to see a warmonger, but you’re a sad old drunk. What happened?” the second protester yelled as the crowd resumed booing. “When you went to Taiwan, were you looking for Ukraine? Did we blow up the Nordstream on accident or on purpose? Did you know about that?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be part of the indictment tomorrow?” the second protestor continued. “You’re a war criminal by definition, miss Pelosi! You’ve got some nerve!”

Security began escorting the second protestor from the event as he continued, “Is that why you’re here in Manhattan? Is that why you’re here because you’re getting indicted tomorrow, you goddamn war criminal!”

“How many people have died in your f—ing name? How many people have died because of Iraq?” the protestor continued as security made their way toward the exit. “All of you forgot about Iraq? Iran? Lybia? Syria?”

A third protestor stood up shortly after.

“Dodd-Frank was always never going to work!” the third protestor said as security escorted him from his seat. “If you don’t deal with 600 trillion in derivatives then there’s no chance for this economy!”

“Don’t you see it all failed? None of it worked!” the protestor continued shouting though he was drowned out by the crowd’s boos.

The video cut to a first-person perspective of the fourth protestor, who had been recording the previous outbursts.

“And then you land your plane in Taiwan. We want a war with China at the same time,” the fourth protestor said more calmly. “We wanna have all nuclear bombs dropped on our heads, we live in Manhattan.”

Security approached the fourth protestor and said, “I have to ask you to leave.”

“By the way, Lyndon LaRouche is back in a big way, and I’m here on behalf of everybody who loves peace,” the protestor continued as he was escorted towards the exit. “And not war with Russia, war with China, and a new hot war with the east.”

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