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TEXAS TANTRUM: Lone Star Dems Flee State to Illegally Block Voter Integrity Bill

Nothing says you’re standing up to the man for the little people like flying across the country on private jets

Texas Democrats fled the Lone Star State Tuesday to illegally block voter integrity legislation making its way through the Capitol in Austin; baselessly claiming the bill will disenfranchise millions of minorities.

“The group left Austin in midafternoon on a pair of chartered flights that arrived at Dulles International Airport just before sunset. Fifty-one of the 67 State House Democrats flew on the planes, leaders of the delegation said, and several others arrived separately in Washington; that’s enough to prevent Texas Republicans from attaining a quorum, which is required to conduct state business,” reports the New York Times.

“Texas Democrats are illegally blocking voter integrity legislation in an effort to strip the rights of voters away because they know they can’t win unless they game the system,” posted Tim Pool on Twitter.


“It’s just delaying the inevitable,” said State Representative Briscoe Cain, a Houston-area Republican. “We will eventually get it done, this special or another.”

“We have to decide if we are going to stand for democracy,” said another Democrat State Representative. “We want the nation to join us and we want the U.S. Senate to hear us and act.”

Read the full report at the New York Times.

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