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Study: 'No Significant Difference in Viral Load' In Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

A new study from the University of California and the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub found “no significant difference” in viral load between vaccinated and unvaccinated people who were infected with the Delta variant of COVID-19. The study also found no significant difference in viral loads between symptomatic and asymptomatic people infected with the Delta variant of COVID-19.

The study, which is currently available as a preprint on MedRxiv, used cycle threshold values (Ct-values) to measure viral loads. A low Ct-value is indicative of a high viral load.

According to the study, “mean viral loads as measured by Ct-value were similar for large numbers of asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals infected with SARS-Cov-2 during the Delta surge, regardless of vaccine status, age, or gender. … We found no significant difference in cycle threshold values between vaccinated and unvaccinated, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups infected with SARS-CoV-2 Delta.”

The findings are consistent with the results of other recent studies analyzing the viral loads of vaccinated and unvaccinated people infected with COVID-19.

In a small Wisconsin study from earlier this year, Ct values were similar among vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals with COVID-19. Studies from both Massachusetts and Singapore likewise found similar Ct-values among vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals infected with the Delta variant.

The authors of the University of California study state that their findings “strongly support the notion” that vaccine status should not “influence the recommendation and implementation of good public health practices, including mask wearing, testing, social distancing, and other measures designed to mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2.”

The data comes as President Biden has ordered the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to issue a vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees.

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6 responses to “Study: ‘No Significant Difference in Viral Load’ In Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated”

  1. Cleffy says:

    That’s not true. Sputnik V is a viral vector vaccine. It’s side effects are similar to adenovirus vaccines like Johnson and Johnson. There aren’t recorded cases of vaccine induced thrombosis, but this could just be a difference in reporting standards. It injects DNA code into the nucleus of a cell so it produces spike proteins.

  2. DCrockafella says:

    science is real , womens rights are human rights, etc. etc. who would put that kind of sign in their yard?

  3. Szell says:

    TrUsT tHe ScIeNcE

  4. nrol34 says:

    Why? Sputnik V is the safest vaccine on the planet. No side effects, no pericarditis, no vesicular brain thrombus, no neural effects. Just as effective and is the same price $10.00/ dose as other vaccines.

    In doing this you attack big pharma and make an ass out of Fauci. Your government will fear the people and back off on mandates and passports.

  5. pandusa says:

    Oh, they know…they just DON’T CARE !

  6. prcntm says:

    Ever since they started advertising the vaccines as “reducing symptoms” rather than “reducing transmission” I have thought of the treatments as “pre-emptive” viral therapy. To my knowledge, viral therapy is generally given after infection (Monoclonal Anitbodies type stuff), but right now the vaccines are functionally the same thing, just administered prior.

    I will also add that with this and other studies, the vaccines offer no significant communal protection and only protect the individual that it is being injected into. So why are there mandates at all? Before they at least had communal protection to lean on when implementing them, but now they don’t even have that.