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Senior Trump Official Navarro: Fauci, China Are Responsible for Pandemic & $20 Trillion GDP Loss

‘Fauci knew,’ Navarro told Timcast. ‘If he had simply told us…we would have cracked down on China.’

Dr. Peter Navarro, a senior official in the Trump administration, claims Anthony Fauci’s gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is responsible for leaking coronavirus, a disease that China intentionally spread “to ensure a pandemic.”

Navarro’s new book, “In Trump Time: My Journal of America’s Plague Year,” details his personal account of what took place behind the scenes at the White House in 2020.  

The book opens with a meeting between Trump and high-ranking members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on a stage in the east wing on Jan. 15, 2020. The reason for the meeting was to co-sign a historic trade deal with China. 

“The boss [Trump] is at the top of his game,” Navarro recalled in a Timcast interview available exclusively to members. “Everybody … thinks he’s a lock for re-election. There’s exuberance about the trade deal. [But] I’m sitting in the audience in a cold sweat.”

Navarro was thinking about his 2008 book The Coming China Wars,” which predicted that China would create a global pandemic resulting in millions of lives lost. He had also been reading classified reports about the outbreak of a mysterious virus in Wuhan, China. Lastly, Navarro was thinking about the satellite photos of bodies burning in crematoria in China. 

“I’m wondering, as I look up on that stage … What do these Chinese Communists know that they’re not telling us?” Navarro said. “Could they be infected? And if so, why are they sitting so close to the president? And by the way, why did they shake my hand at the trade dinner last night? But most importantly … I was thinking to myself, could this be a bioweapon that was designed to intentionally take out the only president [who] had ever stood up to [the CCP]?”

Now, nearly two years after that meeting, Navarro knows who’s responsible for the pandemic that would radically disrupt human life on earth: Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CCP. 

“Fauci overturned the ban on gain of function experiments that the Obama administration put in [and] he did it behind our backs in 2017,” Navarro said. “And he did it under the assumption — and this was pure hubris — that labs never have leaks and that [the] Chinese military would never use it as a bioweapon.”

In Navarro’s view, the bigger problem is that Fauci didn’t disclose critical information to the Trump administration: 

“The important thing to understand here is what Fauci knew and didn’t tell us at the time. Everybody in the room knew that the virus came from Wuhan. Everybody in the room knew that it had popped up near the Wuhan lab, but what none of us knew then was that Fauci had funded that lab with American taxpayer money. … And worse, he engaged in a coverup to make sure that we got off his scent.”

Navarro said Fauci had been warned that the virus was genetically engineered early on:

“This is important because if he had simply told … the president, ‘Hey look. I’ve got some bad news for you. I think this is probably from the lab, it may be a weapon, [it’s] certainly genetically engineered’ — you know what the difference would have been? We would have cracked down on China and we would’ve gotten the original genome of the virus, you know. What that would have allowed us to do, it would allow us to craft a true vaccine. … [It’s] a lie of omission. He should be in jail and out of government.” 

Meanwhile, the alleged cover-up provided an ideal opportunity for the CCP, which “intentionally seeded and spread [the] virus around the world to ensure a pandemic,” Navarro said.  “Whether it intentionally or accidentally escaped from the lab, if you look at China’s behavior, there’s no question that it intentionally allowed the virus to seed and spread around.”

In what he calls “the most important chapter” in his book, Navarro, who has a PhD in economics from Harvard, explains his effort to establish a presidential commission to analyze the costs and origins of the pandemic. He also wanted a thorough examination of whether or not the pandemic advanced the CCP’s strategic agenda. 

“To this day, we need that,” he told Timcast. “The Chinese allowed it to seed and spread. … And yes, the cost of that is over $20 trillion. … That’s a year’s worth of American GDP and yes, Communist China took out president Trump and they have been able to advance their agenda in Hong Kong and Taiwan and their Belt and Road Initiative. … They have suffered, but relative to America, they’ve advanced their position.” 

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4 responses to “Senior Trump Official Navarro: Fauci, China Are Responsible for Pandemic & $20 Trillion GDP Loss”

  1. Patrick1984 says:

    What will all this evidence of evil and criminal behavior come too. Lord Fauci will get a fucking medal and Killary will become president. No one has gone to jail except people like Assange and no one ever will.

  2. pandusa says:

    I do not doubt eventually China would have used a bio weapon somewhere. But, never under estimate the potential for human error. Sounds like it got out in their own back yard. It makes sense they would conclude everyone else can take the hit also and they would figure out a way to profit from it.

  3. CanadianCobraChicken says:

    I find that the response was to chaotic to have been planned. I feel this was an accidental release and China had to act to spread the harm across the globe so other countries in the west wouldn’t gain an upper hand as China suffered. If your in a global race for supperiority and don’t give a damn about civilians then this makes alot of sense.

  4. unspecialnoob says:

    I’ve been saying for over a year now that this was a direct response by China to Trump’s policies against them. I’ve acknowledged the whole time that it was just a conspiracy theory and likely not true, but as time has gone on it has seemed more and more plausible. I think we’ve reached a point that it is more likely true than not.

    I just want to know what can be done about it? It seems likely the establishment either worked directly with China or, at the very least, took advantage of the situation. Either way, the establishment seems unlikely to do anything about it because it has allowed them to further their agenda and consolidate power.

    It appears, and I am hopeful, that many people are waking up to the truth and fighting back. Look at the populist movement in this country. I worry, though, that it is too little and too late. I’m feeling pretty black pilled at the moment. Anyone who can white pill me on this, please, feel free to do so.