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Senator Maggie Hassan Pulls Out of Debate in New Hampshire

'Don Bolduc is quickly consolidating the Republican base and rapidly making up ground against Senator Hassan,' the Democrat's campaign said in an internal memo

The incumbent senator of New Hampshire will not take part in a debate with her Republican challenger.

Senator Maggie Hassan has asked to appear separately at the scheduled Oct. 12 event, according to The Epoch Times. The president of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, Wendy Hunt, confirmed Hassan’s request and told the outlet she will appear first. The Republican nominee, Don Bolduc, will take the stage second.

The outlet has also heard from a communication strategist for Bolduc, Kate Constantini, that the senator has asked for the Republican to be required to stay in the green room during her time on stage.

Hassan currently leads Bolduc in the polls with Data for Progress indicating she holds a seven-point lead while the Trafalgar Group found a 3-point lead. Data for Progress also found Don Bolduc is very favorable among Republican voters and very unfavorable among Democrat voters. 

Bolduc, a 60-year-old Army veteran, has the support of Republican super PACs which “are pouring millions into advertisements to boost him,” reports The Washington Post

“Bolduc’s candidacy is a test of whether deep dissatisfaction over inflation and the economy will overpower Granite State voters’ tendency to support more moderate, buttoned-up candidates of both parties for higher office,” the outlet noted on Oct. 7. “The two Republican House candidates here are also targeting Democratic incumbents after a harder-right, Trump-aligned message won them their primaries.”

The race’s results may indicate which political party controls the senate after the midterm elections. Currently, there are 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats with Vice President Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaking vote.

In an opinion piece published by the Daily Caller on Oct. 8, Bolduc said New Hampshire “could decide control of the U.S. Senate.” 

“Hassan has always had a low-key presence in New Hampshire. She is not holding town hall meetings and is ducking general election debates, hiding from her constituents,” Bolduc wrote. “I have proposed seven debates, she has so far only been willing to attend three, including one with left-leaning NHPR where she will have the home field advantage.”

The so-called “ultraconservative” also launched a series of town hall events, traveling around New Hampshire to speak with voters about key issues including inflation and abortion.

A leaked memo from the Hassan campaign revealed the impact state and national Republican support has had on the senate race.

“In many ways, our campaign is dealing with the worst of both worlds: while many Democrats are not taking Don Bolduc seriously, national Republicans are spending tens of millions on his behalf,” the message said. “Our own internal polling shows Don Bolduc is quickly consolidating the Republican base and rapidly making up ground against Senator Hassan.”

“In a politically volatile and swingy state like New Hampshire, it will take significant investment again to prevent a Republican from winning this seat in what is an incredibly challenging national environment for our party,” the memo concludes. 

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