Sen. Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require Proof of Vaccine, Negative Test, or 'Documentation of Recovery' For Domestic Flights

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a bill on Thursday to require proof of vaccination or  a negative COVID test to board a domestic flight.

The US Air Travel Public Safety Act would order the Department of Health and Human Services and the Federal Aviation Administration to “develop national vaccination verification standards and procedures.”

The text of the act says that it is necessary “to reduce passenger, crewmember, and airport personnel risk of exposure to COVID–19, decrease the risk of transmission of COVID–19 on board aircraft and to United States destination communities through air travel, and protect children and other vulnerable individuals by preventing further spread of COVID–19 in the United States.”

Under the bill, a passenger would have to provide the air carrier with documentation demonstrating that they are fully vaccinated, provide proof of a negative pre-departure or, alternatively, written or electronic “documentation of recovery” from COVID–19 after previous a previous infection.

The “documentation of recovery” must be signed by a licensed doctor and show that the passenger has had COVID and recovered fully within the last three months.

“Ensuring that air travelers protect themselves and their destination communities from this disease is critical to prevent the next surge, particularly if we confront new, more virulent variants of COVID-19,” Feinstein said in a statement.

“It only makes sense that we also ensure the millions of airline passengers that crisscross our country aren’t contributing to further transmission, especially as young children remain ineligible to be vaccinated,” she continued.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has warned that requiring vaccinations for travel is dangerous.

“And we know that, when it comes to mandating vaccines for travel, there are important issues around equity that would have to be worked out to ensure that people, for example, if they had to travel in the case of emergency to see a relative who got sick, would be able to do that, even if they weren’t vaccinated,” Murthy said.

Sen. Feinstein herself has been spotted flying without a mask.

If passed, the bill will go into effect 30 days later.

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16 responses to “Sen. Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require Proof of Vaccine, Negative Test, or ‘Documentation of Recovery’ For Domestic Flights”

  1. coldwater says:

    This old bat has continues to enrich herself VIA her husband Richard Blum. I am from the SF Bay Area and the politicians we have unleashed have become such a pimple on the worlds ass. I will not lose any sleep when Feinstein, Pelosi, Newsom, Kamala, etc..finally just leave this planet. Feinstein and Pelosi in particular are classic examples of actors that do not know how to get off the stage.

  2. coldwater says:

    I have a former co-worker at the airlines that is doing this. Then they are suing the unions for not representing them. Then there is another firm for a lawsuit after they are pulled out of service and if eventually fired, will also sue.

  3. scottyguy401 says:

    The airline industry is having staffing issues. The establishment wants to implement vaccine mandates on airline industry employees, which will cause more staffing issues. The establishment wants to implement vaccine mandates on passengers, which will cause financial issues by excluding a certain percentage of the customer base of the airline industry.
    Welcome to the great reset. Where the government controls the population of the have and have not, all under the guise of global warming and pandemic.

  4. Rawdog says:

    Ultralights & Experimental Aircraft sales will go thru the roof.
    Jumbo jet sales will plummet.
    Countries that have their heads out of their asses will get lots of tourists. Those that get stupid will get a different set of visitors (and lots of injections).

    The Stupid will declare war on those of us with a few brain cells. We will have get smart, learn how to really fight or we will all die.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. neilinda says:

    Does this bill cover/include the illegal migrants they are currently flying around the country each day by the hundreds?

  6. MadManTV says:

    ‘sir do we have a Republic? ‘

    ‘ if you can keep it’

  7. Wolv256 says:

    I do not comply. I will fucking sue you, Bitch.

  8. Wolv256 says:

    I introduce a bill for you to go fuck yourself, you evil, corrupt, decrepit, old harpy woman.

  9. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    She’s the exact kind of person I hope catches corona.

  10. Surewhynot says:

    Wander what happened to the right to medical privacy? Ohhhhhh wait that is only important when it comes to killing black babies gotta keep those numbers down like planned parenthood was designed to do

  11. pandusa says:

    The control issues of these people astonish me. POWER the ultimate aphrodisiac .That old bat
    (she is 88) and Pelosi (81), can’t give it up even now that she has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I CAN say that, because I AM another old bat..

  12. server says:

    Yoooo she’s still alive.

  13. prcntm says:

    The Loyalty Test gets a new venue.

  14. Poegy says:

    O. NVM They still think the vaccine last longer than natural immunity.

  15. Poegy says:

    Woah. Is this the first acknowledgment by the Dems you don’t need a vaccine if you had Covid?

  16. WeaponizedMemes says:

    Guess I won’t fly anymore.

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