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SAY IT, PSAKI! Press Sec Refuses to Call Texas Dems’ DC Adventure a ‘Super Spreader Event’

"Well, I would say that's not a characterization we're making from here..."

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to comment on reports that a group of Texas Democrats who fled the state to block a voting integrity bill contracted COVID; saying the progressive lawmakers are simply “standing up” for freedom.

“About ten percent of the traveling party now claim to have breakthrough cases of COVID. Is this a super spreader event?” asked Fox News Peter Doocy.

“Well, I would say that’s not a characterization we’re making from here… Our message continues to be ‘thanks for standing up for voting rights,’” said Psaki.

“Vaccinations protect from death, from serious illness, from hospitalization. So that’s a good sign!” she added.

Watch Psaki’s comments above.

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