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Rittenhouse Trial: Protesters and Supporters Gathering Outside Kenosha Court as Jury Deliberates (VIDEOS)

Protesters began gathering outside the Kenosha courthouse on Tuesday afternoon as the jury entered deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

There were both supporters of Rittenhouse and leftist activists who believe that he should be found guilty gathered outside the building.

At one point, the situation became tense as a supporter of Rittenhouse chanted “Black Lives Matter for pedophiles,” referencing Joseph Rosenbaum’s sex offender status for molesting multiple young boys.

The 12 jurors selected to decide the teenager’s fate include seven women and five men.

Approximately 45 minutes into their deliberations, jurors requested 11 copies of the jury instructions, specifically the portions that apply to self defense.

The eighteen year old is facing first-degree reckless homicide, first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety for shooting three people, two of them fatally, during a riot in Kenosha last August.

Rittenhouse maintains that he had been acting in self defense, as he was in imminent danger.

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9 responses to “Rittenhouse Trial: Protesters and Supporters Gathering Outside Kenosha Court as Jury Deliberates (VIDEOS)”

  1. pandusa says:

    EVIL destroys…because it cannot create. Karl Marx partial quote “murderous death throes of the old society and the bloody birth pangs of the new.” This was never about race it is about communism.

  2. pandusa says:

    Why do the heathen rage? They know he should be acquitted.

  3. Devon says:

    ……. general gist of it

  4. JaeSea says:

    The white guy with the megaphone is a fed. Don’t fall for it.

  5. JeDalton says:

    I know this is bad, but I hope you guys have people on the ground for tonight. We need it documented so that we can see the truth of what happens and so that we can have an open and honest conversation about how we can move forward. Praying for Peace

  6. deplorablewhitesupremacist says:

    Kenosha is gonna be HOT tonight!

  7. bus48 says:

    The left will not riot because they “lost”, they will riot to send a message to any future jurors as to the consequences of ruling against them.

  8. FAAFO says:

    Why specifically are Antifa and BLM there? Is white on white self-defense or murder fascist? Is white on white ‘anything’ related to black people and black things or even related to any of the other types of people of color you may find in Kenosha?

    What I mean to say is – are any of them there for anything other than loot or an anarchy fix?

  9. Things are getting tense. I could light a match with how nervous I am on this trial, is the Truth dead, or will we get actual justice for an innocent man? Give Rittenhouse your prayers.