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WATCH: Frontline Workers Protest at Pfizer Headquarters in NYC

Around 100 of people, including healthcare workers, gathered outside of Pfizer headquarters on E. 42nd St. in New York City on Nov. 13. While the event was organized by New York Freedom Rally, around 75 “America First” proponents joined as well. Elad Eliahu was on the scene to speak with protesters — a number of whom wore garbage bags — about their opposition to the city’s vaccine mandates, how to effectively fight back against compelled vaccination, and whether or not comparisons to Nazi Germany are appropriate in the current climate. 

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3 responses to “WATCH: Frontline Workers Protest at Pfizer Headquarters in NYC”

  1. TheDarkWall says:

    I think the commentary on Trump being to blame for our current situation is misguided. At least, if you’re of the mind that the vaccine is not the problem, the mandate is. Trump never at any point spoke of mandating the vaccine. He was simply rushing to get something out to aid with the virus, which he did. The efficacy is not perfect and it has it’s own risks and drawbacks for certain. But if we’re trying to lump him in like he’s part of the tyranny of these lock downs or mandates, I disagree. Both of those came courtesy of the current president and the misguided state governments that enacted them.

  2. TheDarkWall says:

    What the hell? We have on the ground reporting in video? I didn’t even know this was a thing they had up and running. You guys really need to give this type of thing it’s own channel here. I’d love to be able to find it without having to skim through other articles so that I can easily come across it when I’m looking for something to watch. Then again, idk if this is a rarer one off thing or if this is something you actively do regularly. Either way great to see it.

  3. SamwiseGG says:

    Yo the American First dude cracked me up. Should I feel bad?