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Rep. Debbie Lesko Introduces Constitutional Amendment To Protect Parental Rights

Republican Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko has introduced an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to guarantee “the fundamental right of parents to make the best educational decisions for their children is constitutionally protected.”

Rep. Lesko leads the Protect Kids Caucus in the House.

This legislation would guarantee that parents are allowed to choose an alternative to traditional public education and “make reasonable choices within public schools for their children.”

Rep. Lesko said she aims to protect parents from “far-left school board officials and government bureaucrats in the Biden Administration.”

“Parents have a fundamental right to be involved in their children’s education and to be able to choose the best educational options for their families,” said Congresswoman Lesko in a statement. “I am pleased to introduce this Constitutional Amendment to protect parents from far-left school board officials and government bureaucrats in the Biden Administration who have actively worked to undermine parental rights and eliminate educational choices for their families.”

The bill will also ensure parental rights are not denied due to a disability of a parent.

The Alliance Defending Freedom and have both endorsed the legislation.

Will Estrada, the president of and the Parental Rights Foundation, said in a statement, “the Supreme Court has recognized parental rights for a century, but parental rights are just too important to be left to Supreme Court precedent alone. This Amendment will enshrine these traditional rights in the black-and-white of the Constitution, preserving that parental role for generations to come. We are honored to work with Rep. Lesko to protect children by making this Amendment a reality.”

Jim Mason, chairman of the board for the Parental Rights Foundation and added that “the Supreme Court in 1923 said ‘the child is not the mere creature of the State,’ but many of today’s bureaucrats have lost sight of that.”

“This Amendment will permanently codify that precedent and restore a proper respect for the vital parent-child bond in America,” Mason continued.

The organization is urging supporters to promote the Parental Rights Amendment in Congress by encouraging their representatives to sign on as a cosponsor to the resolution.

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