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Protesters Gather in DC to Demand Justice for Demonstrators at the Jan. 6 Riot

Elad Eliahu spoke with protesters who support and oppose the 'Stop the Steal' protest at the Capitol

On Sept. 18, hundreds of protesters gathered at Washington D.C. to advocate for justice on behalf of those who were arrested after participating in the “Stop the Steal” demonstration on Jan. 6, 2020. Elad Eliahu interviewed several attendees who differ in their views of what occurred on that day and what repercussions the rioters should face.

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4 responses to “Protesters Gather in DC to Demand Justice for Demonstrators at the Jan. 6 Riot”

  1. Swiftmind says:

    Good interviews. The only critique I would say is the man conducting the interviews was a bit fast-paced/excitied in speaking and put me on edge. But perhaps that is the point, ha. The questions overall were good.

    The last lady being interviewed just made me do a facepalm so many times. She is the uninformed clueless progressive that Tim is always ranting about. She contradicted herself so many times and kept deflecting when she was asked a good question that caught her.

  2. Tom Collins says:

    Good job with the interviews. I like your style.

  3. Hsims says:

    I guess you missed all them glow sticks

  4. UppityG says:

    I like this reporter. He’s engaging, framing his questions such that most respondents miss how their answer reveals their bias.

    When those who think the J6 600 belong right where they are and should be harshly punished while giving the antifa blm rioters a total pass, one screen, two movies, it does not bode well.