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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Unvaccinated Are Usually ‘Racist’ and ‘Misogynist’

'They are often misogynist, often racist as well,' Trudeau said on Canadian television

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said unvaccinated people are typically bigoted while appearing on a Canadian television show.

Speaking in French on the Quebec broadcast, the prime minister defended the necessity of COVID-19 Vaccines and noted some Candians’ resistances.

“We will continue to convince them … but there are some people that are fiercely against vaccination,” Trudeau said.

“They are extremists,” said the interviewer.

“They do not believe in science,” he replied. “They are often misogynist, often racist as well.”

Trudeau continued, “A small group that occupies a loud space and … a decision needs to be made as a leader, as a county. Do we tolerate these people?”

Trudeau added that 80% of Quebecers “did what they had to do and got vaccinated” and that they would not “block us” from returning to normal life.

Trudeau has frequently criticized citizens who have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. 

In August, he warned federal workers who did not get vaccinated would face “consequences” but did not specify further.

The bottom line is, if anyone who doesn’t have a legitimate medical reason for not getting fully vaccinated or chooses to not get vaccinated, there will be consequences,” Trudeau said in a statement, per CP24.

While campaigning for reelection the same week, he yelled “Please get vaccinated!” through a megaphone at mask-mandate protestors. 

A video of Trudeau referring to people who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine as “those people”  who “put us all at risk” while at a Sept. 1 campaign event was widely criticized.

“The folks out there shouting — the anti-vaxxers — they’re wrong,” the Liberal party leader said. “They are putting at risk their own kids, and they’re putting our kids at risk as well.”

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, called Trudeau a “fascist psychopath” on Twitter.

“Stop talking about ‘those people’ as subhuman that must be excluded from society, you fascist psychopath,” Bernier tweeted.

Bernier added the next day: “If Liberals really wanted to combat hate speech the first thing they should do is get rid of their leader.”

Less than a week later, Trudeau said at a press conference the protestors at his campaign events were “anti-vaxxer mobs.”

Yes, there is a small, fringe element in this country that is angry, that doesn’t believe in science, that is lashing out with racist, misogynistic attacks, but Canadians, the vast majority of Canadians, are not represented by them,” he said.

In Quebec, where the television show was broadcasted, 77.6% of people are fully vaccinated. The government reports 64.4 million doses have been administered nationally. Almost 83% of the population is partially vaccinated. Over 80% of Canadians over the age of 5 are fully vaccinated.

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24 responses to “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Unvaccinated Are Usually ‘Racist’ and ‘Misogynist’”

  1. HerrDoktor says:

    What a bigoted thing to say.

  2. pandusa says:

    Now I know who was rowing furiously in a rowboat, in the middle of the cornfield. Justin Trudeau “And so help me..IF I COULD SWIM”. That doesn’t surprise me .What surprises me is this guy is the PM of Canada. Another product of the drop-box/mail-in-ballot voter program (or
    a lot of Canadians have lost their minds.I guess both are possibilities).If you can’t beat ’em- cheat’em! Like I said at least I know the virus and what it is about. It doesn’t pretend to be one thing when in reality… it is another. In black face no less. If an entire country is willing to be ruled by the likes of him, I guess it will be a cake walk for the Antichrist.Trudeau is somebody’s son alright..just not Fidel Castro. “He was a liar…from the beginning…”

  3. SurlyCali says:

    I hear that Canadian Prime Ministers are often racist, black-face wearing bigots. Just what I hear, though!

  4. sheldon says:

    and world leaders are typically ‘highly educated’ and ‘eloquent’ and, yet, here we are…

  5. ReckoningNight says:

    But.. but I’m a minority Canadian and unvaccinated. I can’t be racist! Get with the times Trudeau I thought you were woke.

  6. JulieThompson says:

    That’s disgusting. He’s feeding the Mass Formation that is plaguing western nations. He’s probably a victim of it himself, believing his own nonsense.

  7. _bensuks says:

    The only shot this smarmy little cunt needs is a 12 gauge to the face

  8. Lalo says:

    This guy is the biggest, hypocrite, (black face, fake feminist), soy boy, communist, woke SJW, scum bag, and has the audacity to call people misogynist and racist, because they wouldn’t take the jab?
    Do these leftist even think before they open their pie hole?
    Shame on this piece of shit.

  9. Wolv256 says:

    Fuck you, scumbag.

  10. otis says:

    sthborges, I love that idea!

  11. Axl6 says:

    For some1 who did blackface, calling others racists seems to be rich.

  12. latpack says:

    Let me know if we can carpool together. Seems like $40k USD gets you citizenship and a place in Nicaragua.


    You cannot convince me that he isnt Fidel Castros son.

  14. IntegratedCrazy says:


    It does seem like that, but the Jews weren’t armed to the teeth.

  15. IntegratedCrazy says:

    It’s true. I am superior to nucks. Especially the beedy eyed maple sucking women. Guesss what? I’m still not gonna get your vax, guy.

  16. Shaun81 says:

    I’m in NH & you should just be able to drive over at this point as long as your vaxxed & if your not go to the Southern border. Man oh man the world is effed up. 😂

  17. sthborges says:

    Tell you what.. let’s bite the bullet and print enough fiat to pay for all the wokies to move to Canada. We can even pay to relocate Canada’s reasonable base down here. (Or vice verse.. I’m not picky.) Then they can have their Utopia where everyone is an zim/zer artist or tech nerd. The gov pays for everything, and they can stay zipped up, locked up, masked up, and vaxxed into oblivion. Eat their bugs, cut off their junk, and self-righteously argue with each other about who cares more about climate change.

  18. NoOne123 says:

    Is anyone really surprised that the communist is gonna communist?

    “guys if we just kill all the unvaccinated, who are also racist KKK nazi transphobic misognyistic white cis capitalists who oppose climate change, we can FINALLY have our utopia!”

    The history books will tell of Trudeau’s genocide. “you don’t understand he was just a REALLY REALLY GOOD speaker” lmao

    If you’re a canadian and you’re not part of the collectivist bug mentality, you should get out if you can. This speech of his is your warning and red flag that some VERY bad shit is coming your way soon within the next couple of years(or sooner). Get out while you can, if you can.

  19. ChetF says:

    What a sickening display. So glad to not be under Canadian rule

  20. Devilsgun says:

    Ahh yes, the Untervaxxed once again show their evil racist plague rat ways to all Good Canucks.

    Nothing a little Zyclon-B and a ‘shower’ won’t fix, eh Herr Trudeau? Oh, and did your Hugo Boss uniforms come in yet? No? Fuck, don’t tell me you’re gonna go out and exterminate the unvaxxed in THOSE duds… Soooo tacky.

    Oh, and when is Krystalneedle officially gonna happen again? Asking for a friend in the attic

  21. TheOne says:

    As a US Citizen I speak for all Canadians when I say: Suck a fat one Trudeau. Preferably in black face on a beach at an inappropriate time, in front of your mum.

  22. Plaguen says:

    HAHAHA this coming from Prime Minister Black Face. Okay.

  23. Rawdog says:

    Wow, I remember wondering, when I was in school and they taught (badly) about the Holocaust, just HOW, exactly, the Nazis did it. I am watching, in real time, them doing it again. And people like Luke Rudkowski are causing it to happen…because he REFUSES to admit what needs to be done to fight this. Funny, the last time this happened, Eastern European Jews figured out what to do…

  24. Jay says:

    Can Canadian’s claim asylum at the border or do we have to fly to Mexico to walk over the southern border to escape Canada? Unless anyone is willing to help a rational Canadian flee preferably to Florida or NH