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New York Governor Declares Racism a ‘Public Health Emergency’

New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared racism a “public health emergency” this week, signing new legislation that seeks to end discrimination and promote “racial justice” across the Empire State.

“For far too long, communities of color in New York have been held back by systemic racism and inequitable treatment,” Hochul said in a statement. “I am proud to sign legislation that addresses this crisis head-on, addressing racism, expanding equity, and improving access for all.”

“Legislation S.70-A/A.2230 is intended to enact the ‘hate crimes analysis and review act,’ which will create guidelines for the collection and reporting of demographic data concerning hate crime victims and their alleged perpetrators,” reports ABC News.

“Our state is meant to be a beacon of diversity, equity, and inclusion, but without the tools to protect our marginalized communities these words carry little truth behind them,” said State Assembly Member Karines Reyes, the lawmaker behind the bill. “The Hate Crimes Analysis and Review Act ensures that we collect accurate demographic data of perpetrators and victims to better protect the communities being targeted. Without data, the plight of many will remain invisible.”

“As New York continues to face the devastation caused by the COVID-19 public health crisis, it is essential that the needs of all of our communities be understood and met,” added State Senator Julia Salazar. “For the diverse Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities in New York this cannot be accomplished without detailed data that recognizes and respects the experiences of the numerous groups that make up the AAPI communities.”

Read the full report at ABC News.

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12 responses to “New York Governor Declares Racism a ‘Public Health Emergency’”

  1. Masshole says:

    No worries there. They will figure it out. That always do.

  2. Will_Was_Here says:

    Anything the government declares an “emergency” is bad. It allows actual democratic legislation to be circumvented.

    I’m seeing that right now in my state where the governor extends his pandemic emergency every month. The state laws only allows a state of emergency to be enacted for 30 days. We have only not been in a state of emergency for about 30-45 days in the past two years.

  3. pandusa says:

    Oh, and the only hate crimes I have seen have been done by YOUR cult minions Antifa “the myth”and BLM. Give or take the fake white supremacist hired by your Democratic party to try to prop up your BS narrative. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”…? You did it for a dumpster fire like NY and the braying jack-ass Party.

  4. pandusa says:

    I know you are LIARS.Evidence exhibit A: Millions of people come across deserts and oceans.They risk life and limb…even sell themselves into slavery to get here. To get into a systemically racist country? Evidence exhibit B : look at the pics on line of our government officials.Look at ALL THOSE faces and they are not overly white represented. YOU are the racist. YOU and what you are doing IS THE PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY! Confusion, division, chaos, authoritarianism, lies and propaganda = EVIL.
    Jackals, Hyenas and other animals devour to live… you live to devour. And, what you have cast out upon the waters …SHALL return to you with the tide.(expletives deleted from above comment)

  5. EricClough says:

    Systemic racism? Who controls the education system that taught these supposed racists?

  6. drewmacg96 says:

    Just replace “racism” with “patriotism” and it all makes sense.

  7. wescom says:



  8. Viewtifuljoe says:

    “Racism is a public health emergency. Your government is doing everything possible to keep the emergency going to accumulate more power for ourselves. Thank you for your support.”

    ~NY Governor, probably

  9. WinterTiger says:

    This is going to be a disaster. I don’t think the stats are going to be accurately recorded or reported. This is a communist’s dream piece of legislation. Classifying general crime as “hate” crime, they’ll be able to make the numbers go wherever they want to institute more stringent, divisive legislation. If you’re a rational person in NY, either get out or stand up, but this is going to be disastrous.

  10. Sethbishop89 says:

    I’m in NY.
    Blacks don’t get vaccinated, so they’re going to take the brunt of the mandates.
    Now that this bill is passing the state is going to research how blacks are attacking not only each other but the Jewish population and Asian population….
    How is this going to blame whites?

  11. DoeJ says:

    You would think people have it way worse now than pre 1865. Plaguen I agree with your comment – “health” is nebulous now.

  12. Plaguen says:

    Oh I can claim things to. How about Fascistic Authoritarian politicians that are dividing this country with fake claims and fear mongering is a Public Health Emergency. The only difference here is my claim is real.