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Philadelphia to Ban Cops from Making Minor Traffic Stops to Promote ‘Driving Equity’

The City of Philadelphia is poised to ban police officers from making routine traffic stops to promote “driving equity,” making it the first major American city to cease stopping motorists for broken taillights and other minor issues.

“The Driving Equality Bill, passed earlier this month by the city council, could be signed as early as this week by Mayor Jim Kenney,” reports the New York Post. “The package of bills would classify vehicle registration infractions, broken brake lights and flouting inspection evidence regulations as ‘secondary’ violations, meaning police would be prohibited from pulling motorists over if those traffic infractions are observed.”

“The measure is aimed at easing tensions between police and black Philadelphians, who are more likely to be stopped by police, according to a data analysis by the Defender Association of Philadelphia. Black drivers, who make up 48 percent of Philadelphia’s population, were pulled over in 72 percent of the roughly 300,000 traffic stops between October 2018 and September 2019, according to the group,” adds the Post.

“We want to put law enforcement in a position where they can spend more time focusing on more serious crimes,” said one city council member. “In the city of Philadelphia, we ask law enforcement to do a lot and we feel that this bill is a step in the right direction, not just to improve relations between communities of color and law enforcement but also to put us in a position where law enforcement can focus more time on more serious crimes.”

Read the full report at the NY Post.

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5 responses to “Philadelphia to Ban Cops from Making Minor Traffic Stops to Promote ‘Driving Equity’”

  1. prcntm says:

    Did they just ASSUME Black people need this kind of help? Isn’t that against the Leftist Code or something?

    Realistically, I feel like the solution there is to make broken tail lights or expired tags or similar things non-punitive. No ticket. No fine. There’s no penalty but the cop should still be able to pull them over for it. If nothing else for the notification. How many of us are aware that a tail or brake light is out? How often do we actually check the ass end our cars when driving? I feel like that would improve relations in a more permanent way.

  2. CJS3 says:

    Since “equity” is a political term referring to POCs, does that mean, that city government believes that POCs are the most offensive.

    I’m just askin for a friend.

  3. FAAFO says:

    So let me get this straight, 48% of the population there committed 72% of the moving violations? Sounds like a drivers education issue to me.

  4. VernonRedmon says:

    Equity? Hmmm how about do not break laws and you do not get tickets or jail or prison time. Just a thought, but this is not surprising as much as sad.

  5. AmeriAnni says:

    Driving equity? I suppose insurance companies will find “equity” in paying out claims when someone with no headlights driving at night causes an accident or needless death.