Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Come to an End for 7 Million Americans

Pandemic unemployment benefits for seven million Americans expired on Monday.

The benefits were part of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Republicans have long cried foul as the expanded benefits led to a labor shortage across the United States. Nearly one third of recipients admitted to turning down jobs in favor of collecting the benefits.

“Amid reports of widespread labor shortages throughout the U.S., roughly three out of every ten recipients of unemployment insurance say they turned down job offers during the pandemic, with 45% of those citing the generosity of unemployment benefits as a primary reason for their decision,” Forbes reported in July.

Approximately half of US states have already ended the program early.

On Monday, programs including the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, which extended regular unemployment, came to an end. Over 4.2 million self-employed and gig workers who did not qualify for regular benefits were receiving funds from this program. It also stacked supplemental federal benefits of $300 on to an individual’s state unemployment checks.

The Washington Examiner pointed out that combined, the unemployment benefits were more than many people would make working a minimum wage job.

“The national average of statewide unemployment insurance before the pandemic was $387 per week, meaning some unemployed people in the United States were bringing in $687 per week on average with the $300 expansion — that equates to a $17.17 hourly wage, more than double the federal minimum wage,” the report explained.

Many hope that the end of the benefits will help businesses that are struggling to hire workers.

“Hopefully with the unemployment benefits running out this weekend, they’re going to see more folks applying more folks showing up for interviews,” Nicole Riley with the National Federation of Independent Businesses told WTVR. “And, you know, frankly, it’s just, it’s a really hot time as an employee looking for a new job, or a new position, maybe even a new career.”

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6 responses to “Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Come to an End for 7 Million Americans”

  1. Gisemperfi says:

    The real problem is that there are millions who are willing to go back to work (but previously had accredited and higher paying jobs) that can’t get beyond the bots…

    Realities for jobs, the job market, and the economy based on our experience in Texas (which lost the extra benefits months ago.
    My wife and son have both applied for over 100 jobs each since last October.

    Bottom line is that businesses and corporations are posting jobs, sometimes they even interview for jobs, but THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY HIRING.

    Applying: this has to be done online “cuz covid” and it is impersonal. My son who has a college degree and recently graduated walked into a Target that had a “now hiring, $15 an hour to start” sign on the door. He was told to go home and apply online. He received a rejection letter 56 minutes after applying. Bots run the whole thing. He and others have to tailor each resume, cover letter, and application to key buzzwords the Bots (not humans) are looking for. It is like starting over with each job and starting from scratch hundreds of times. These usually result in an automated rejection email within 1-4 hours.

    Networking: people keep saying “it’s who you know” and they have both networked. Many well-meaning friends and family have made suggestions to no avail. Many have later turned on us saying they don’t understand why they can’t get a job. My son’s high school friend and his college friend, who had the exact same classes and degree (computer science) as my son, can’t find jobs for the same reasons.
    A high school friend of my wige got her in contact with a friend at DR Horton. The job postings have been the same and unfilled since May. Linked-in and other bogus “services” which cater to the employer, not the unemployed have posts that say, “be among the first 25 to apply” after bot auto rejections, it still says the same thing. A next door neighbor of my brother-in-law who both wife and son spoke to in text, email, on the phone, and in person, said they were hiring at his tech firm. He hand delivered their resume, cover letter, and application in person, but the hiring manager said, “those jobs are posted, but we aren’t hiring until next month” they said this 3 months in a row so far. This included minimum wage warehouse jobs they applied for at the same company.
    My son interviewed with chase and got past the bots, got past the phone interview, got past the self-recorded interview, and had a “zoom style video interview” (NO ONE HAS INTERVIEWED ANYONE WE KNOW IN PERSON) where the millennial age “hiring managers” showed up 15 minutes late and made an excuse to leave 15 mins early. They were snarky and rude and gave the job recruiter feedback after rejecting him as “not showing empathy” his is already hard for anyone to do through a video conference where people get away with unprofessional behavior when they don’t have to face you in person, but it is harder for him with his (very high functioning) Asperger’s where he does fine in person.

    Types of jobs: they have all applied for jobs they deserve and are qualified for, but they have all also applied for warehouse jobs, part time jobs, and minimum wage jobs. All rejections. one got a contract job that was supposed to last for 6 weeks. He did all of the work they asked for in 1 week and they cancelled his contract and paid him for 1 week. He quit a fast food job in order to take that job and didn’t get hired back. Other employers want people to do the jobs of 3 people that would normally pay $40 an hour, but they only want to pay $15. They aren’t hiring anyway. THEY AREN’T HIRING ANYWAY!

    HR people are in control. Bureaucrats are in control. Government admin are in control. All trying to justify their jobs (and probably getting incentives) by posting jobs that they aren’t hiring for. In both Texas and nationally, there are more job openings (millions more) than there are unemployed! Those numbers don’t make sense.

    Our society is broken, and society has broken us. We aren’t talking about jobs anymore with anyone. We have been disenfranchised. If by some miracle anyone gets a job, I guess we’ll let you know.

    Inflation is real. I bought the exact same groceries and off brands from the exact same store. In May the cost was $78.21 less than it was last week. That’s an extra $78.21 per week! Restaurants and fast food are even higher.

    I know how things worked “in the past” they don’t work like that now. I’m glad people got to live the lives they wanted to in the past, but that isn’t happening for us now.

    Don’t even get me started on Afghanistan and the current regime getting my Marine Brothers and Sisters killed. We had all of the intel, air support, and no idiotic rules of engagement that we needed to not only survive, but to win. They don’t have that anymore. They put the Taliban in charge of security. I won’t recommend the military to my students anymore. They will get them killed.

    I don’t want to hear political correctness. I don’t want to have to listen to “woke” people telling me I’m an awful person and I deserve what I get. I don’t want anyone teaching CRT. If you knew how racist these programs are, you would be marching in the street. I’ve read the propaganda, and the lessons.

    My son wanted to go into academia and be a college professor, but the new “woke” society has ruined that for him. It’s ruining my profession right now. I’m in constant fear of getting cancelled and ending up on Tik Tok. It’s all so broken. All institutions have failed us. That was by design. I know this for a fact.

    They aren’t hiring, they post, they even interview, but they aren’t hiring…

  2. BigJoe77 says:

    A guy I do work for is hiring for $25 for a above entry level mechanics. He told me they call into him ask to apply but never show up for an interview so they can clam unemployment. Absolutely pathetic!!!

  3. prcntm says:

    That’s an interesting point. There’s a store here called Party City. I have no idea how big they are, but one of their stores closed down near me at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was shutting down. after about three months of an empty building, there was finally a new tenant: Party City. Chances are that they didn’t hire on all their old workers either. With threats of future lock downs, it might make more than a few who would normally jump at a job nervous about re-entering the workforce.

    That said, our economy can’t really sustain itself in its present form. We have lost our manufacturing jobs until someone with enough power brings them back. Until then, we have to focus on the service industry. We have to place people in jobs to actually start proactively circulating the money rather than artificially circulating it.

    I am not an economist. I am incredibly ignorant of how the economy works. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. These are just my observations based on the little research I’ve done combined with what I was able to piece together on my own.

  4. MassSkeptic says:

    Time to just rip off the band aid and recover. What’s the point of just sitting around doing nothing?

  5. dadof2 says:

    Yea, but how many of those businesses are willing to say screw you if the government tried to shut them down again. I know if I was in the workforce and was tossed out because of everything shutting down, I’d be nervous about any place that might screw me again.

  6. mjpluth says:

    Help wanted signs everywhere