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Ottawa Police Say They Have Enlisted Help of Child Services, Have Not Ruled Out Taking Truckers' Children

Ottawa Police have called Child Services to help them figure out what to do about the children living in trucks with their parents who are participating in the Freedom Convoy.

The government has not ruled out taking their children away.

True North News reports that over 100 of the truckers involved in the demonstration brought their children with them, according to estimates.

The police have asked the child welfare agency for advice on how to handle the situation as the city prepares to crack down on the protest.

“Almost 25 percent of the 418 trucks have children living in them — children who could be at risk during a police operation,” said OPS Deputy Chief Steven Bell, per the True North report.

Speaking to reporters, Bell said that while they are not at the point of seizing the truckers’ children yet, they are not ruling it out as an option.

“We’re not at the stage of looking to do any sort of enforcement activity around that,” Bell said. “We just think it’s an important factor that complicates and makes this an even more challenging operation.”

Joseph Tunney, a reporter with the state operated Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was blasted for suggesting that the children be taken while interviewing some of the truckers.

“You guys are the messenger for the devil,” an outraged trucker said to Tunney. “Are my kids in danger for being here? Tell me now.”

The trucker continued on to tell the reporter and camera crew that they sold their souls for paychecks.

Wednesday marked the 18th day of the protest.

The Canadian government has seized fuel, banned honking, taken steps to ban people from providing money or aid to the convoy, and dismantled their structures.

The government also attempted to have tow truck companies that contract with them to agree to move the trucks — but they refused.

“I’ve contacted them all and they’re all refusing, as of today, to provide heavy tow truck work,” city manager Steve Kanellakos told reporters Monday evening, according to a report from the CBC.

“Right now we’re reviewing their contracts or standing offer, and reviewing what actions we can take to deal with this unprecedented situation,” Kanellakos added.

Towing Companies Refusing to Move Freedom Convoy Trucks, Despite Government Contracts

There are currently more than 400 trucks parked throughout the city in protest. They have stated that they will not leave until the COVID vaccine mandates for drivers doing trips between the US and Canada are lifted.

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