One Dead and Two Injured, Including Retired Deputy, After Shooting Over Mask Policy at Georgia Grocery Store

By Cassandra Fairbanks

A person is dead and another two are injured after a dispute about the mask policy at a Georgia grocery store turned deadly on Monday.

A deputy that was at the scene exchanged fire with the shooter and both men were injured.

The incident took place at Big Bear Grocery in DeKalb County, Georgia around 1:10 p.m., according to a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

According to the department, Victor Lee Tucker Jr., 30, got into an argument with a cashier about masks as he was checking out. He ended up leaving the store without his items, but immediately returned and shot the cashier.

“Tucker left the store without making his purchase, but immediately returned inside,” the statement explains. “Tucker walked directly back to the cashier, pulled out a handgun and shot her. Tucker then began shooting at a DKSO deputy who was attempting to intervene while working off-duty at the supermarket. The deputy and Tucker exchanged gunfire, and both were wounded during the shootout. Two responding DeKalb County Police Department (DKPD) officers arrested Tucker as he was attempting to crawl out the front door of the supermarket.”

The deputy, whose name has not yet been released, had served 30 years on the force before retiring and taking part time employment doing security for the store. Local station ABC13 reports that he was hit twice by gunfire, but was wearing a bulletproof vest.

A second cashier was also grazed by a bullet and treated at the scene.

DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox said during a press conference that the deputy’s actions may have prevented more people from being hurt.

“That is what he is trained to do,” Maddox said.

The cashier who was targeted by the shooter was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Tucker was taken to the same hospital as his victim and is currently listed in stable condition.

The deputy is currently being treated at Atlanta Medical Center and is also reported to be in stable condition. 

The DeKalb County Police Department will be handling the arrest warrants for Tucker. His charges have not yet been released.

“The DKPD will be taking arrest warrants for Tucker. The GBI will continue its independent investigation. Once completed, it will be turned over to the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office for review,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation statement concludes.

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28 responses to “One Dead and Two Injured, Including Retired Deputy, After Shooting Over Mask Policy at Georgia Grocery Store”

  1. Morgan_Kreg says:

    According to the GBI report, Tucker was asked to adjust the mask he was wearing. The owner has stated that the officer had been hired to enforce the stores mask policy.

    He was clearly unstable; and it was a great job by the off duty officer to keep more people from getting killed.

  2. Morgan_Kreg says:

    He had 8 arrests since 2015 and had been sentenced to anger management classes by the court on one occasion. Also sent for psychiatric evaluation in another.

  3. Morgan_Kreg says:

    But the shooter was wounded. Or was that sarcasm.

  4. Thanks Cassandra for the report.

  5. KBGConceivedinliberty says:

    Statistically another mental health problem gone unrecognized or ignored. Not a gun problem.
    Thanks for “just the facts M’am “ without the race baiting, gun baiting hymns and awes.
    Real reporting. Refreshing!! Thank you Cassandra Fairbanks.

  6. I’ve been done with the mask bullshit but I would never kill a cashier over this. Disgusting. So sad.

    Congratulations Cassandra, you do great work.

  7. Shinryukami says:

    I’m gonna get my gun motherfucker wants to talk shit to m

  8. roooner says:

    At least it wasn’t Tucker Carlson

  9. nims says:

    Of course the guy who started shooting clearly lost his mind and should bear the consequences for it. But I am really not surprised by this. The mask policy is getting insane everyday and people are getting frustrated by it especially when they have to go through it on their day to day stuff like groceries. At some point, someone was going to get insane and this is the result. Again, the shooter should be punished with full extent of the law but there is some thinking that needs to be done when it comes to mask mandates. And just to piss off feminists, if you can’t mandate saving a baby in the womb, then you really cannot mandate a cloth on your mouth.

  10. Here’s why we r all somewhat indoctrinated by crt or other leftist ideology. By thinking for even a second justification of the murder must be established! Why? Inject racism into this, 🤩! Giving excuse for shooting or blaming the victim that is unable to have any conversation! Killed by the dude with the gun that choose to shoot n kill! Unless the dude do not have the capacity to make decision to what is right or wrong, what explanation will justify his action! What, oppression, racist, c’mon….they related, out of anger, he Snap due to going through personal stress! Depression? What else? Look! Perhaps if death was nit involve n he beat the hell out of the victim ! Then we could hear it out! Damn his action directly cause her death! People want justification! 😣 perhaps I’m going off!

  11. Texasleroy97 says:

    So refreshing to see a report of a shooting where the bad guy isn’t listed in the number of wounded or dead

  12. yamyule says:

    Great article, even if tragic news.

  13. IAmSpartacus says:


  14. Trip1579 says:

    I almost forgot what it was like to read a fact based news article! Thank you Cassandra and Tim for bringing this kind of journalism back into the world!

  15. It’s dekalb county. Don’t put to much logic in to it. It’s not a place you’ll feel safe in no matter your race.

  16. EPLazyBoy says:

    congratulations Cassandra! what a great addition to site. keep bringing in the facts.

  17. Yobuyahouse says:

    okay its just a mask!

  18. cutter says:

    Discounting the possibility that the shooter was a mask nazi and he was driven into a homicidal rage because the store didn’t require masks … Ok, so let’s think this through – the customer/shooter wasn’t wearing a mask in defiance of store policy. So the cashier engages the guy in a debate/argument/discussion, which would implicitly require the guy to speak, potentially spraying germs from his unmasked mouth. If the concern is that the guy might be spreading germs out of his mouth while not wearing a mask, wouldn’t it have been smarter to just ring the guy up as fast as possible, not engage him in any conversation whatsoever, and get him out the door without giving him reason to run his mouth and start spraying spittle? Just sell the dude his Funyons in silence and get him the heII out of there, problem solved.

  19. henk says:

    maybe the cashier was rude. maybe the customer was high on drugs. maybe the cashier and the customer are related and know each other and have unresolved conflict. maybe the customer was a black man indoctrinated by CRT to hate white people and the cashier was a white person. too many unanswered questions means it’s hard to judge a situation without all the facts.

  20. Turk_Longwell says:

    Not the first time or the last time someone will snap over some Covid/Authoritarian/Leftist Gov’t policy. I hope it doesn’t, but we all know it will, esp with Biden, Federal Gov’t, CRT, CGT, and BLM out there all on the same team pushing that ish down people’s throats.
    Having said that.. I hope Tucker gets a swift sentence for many, many years in prison. I’m on the ropes about the death penalty. I wish I could be like, ‘Eye for an Eye’. It’d save the tax payers a great deal of money.

  21. riien87 says:

    Yes, just the facts. I love it. How refreshing.

  22. Maxx says:

    Meant…If the customer was wearing a mask I doubt a cashier would make a stink over it…

  23. Maxx says:

    I highly doubt a cashier is going to argue with a customer about not wearing a mask, but, yes, in the name of good journalism a clearer picture would be better. Common sense would say the cashier was arguing about the man not wearing a mask. Dekalb is pretty urban/liberal.

  24. joebuddyisyobuddy says:

    Just the facts no opinions and speculation, love it

    Timcast is the future of news

  25. zepolkram says:


  26. FACTBOT5000 says:

    So was the beef about wearing a mask or not wearing a mask? That’s kind of a significant detail in the name of objectivity, no?
    Either way the guy is just crazy and this is tragic, but how will it play into the political narrative? Like it or not, that will be the main impact of this on the rest of the country at large.

  27. 50715 says:

    Eventually we gonna snap. Your target won’t be the elites or their kids, but the stupid sheep in front of you.

  28. JRPatriot says:

    I can understand about being frustrated with a mask policy, but this man obviously lost His mind shooting and killing this cashier. The world has gone insane.