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NYPD Orders Every Officer to Report For Duty In Uniform Friday Following Trump Indictment

The order impacts all personnel, regardless of rank or duty, including civilians

As a precaution, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has ordered every one of its officers — regardless of rank or assignment — to report for duty in uniform on Mar. 31, the day after the historic announcement that former President Donald Trump would be indicted.

“All uniformed members of the New York City Police Department are to show up in uniform as of 0700 hours on 03-31-2023 as a precautionary measure,” a spokesperson said on the evening of Mar. 30.

The order includes roughly 36,000 officers and 19,000 civilian employees in preparation for large-scale disturbances despite there being no protests or demonstrations planned by pro-Trump organizations.

A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams said that “The mayor is in constant contact with Commissioner Sewell about all public safety issues affecting the city. The NYPD continues to monitor all activity and there are no credible threats to the city at this time. The NYPD always remains prepared to respond to events happening on the ground and keep New Yorkers safe,” according to a local NBC News affiliate.

Marc Levine, Manhattan Borough President, says that city officials have been preparing for possible unrest after Trump urged his followers last week to protest in the event of his indictment and arrest.

“NYPD and other law enforcement agencies have been planning and coordinating intensively for this moment,” Levine wrote on Twitter. “NYC is ready. If there is a Trump mob they have lost the element of surprise.”

CNN reported that Trump is facing more than 30 counts related to alleged business fraud and will likely be indicted next Tuesday, April 4.

Trump’s attorney Chris Kise responded to the indictment, saying it has no legal basis.

“What was once the most respected and revered district attorney’s office in the nation has been fully bastardized by an opportunistic politician seeking, like many others, to cash in on the Trump brand,” Kise said. “The complete lack of legal basis, coupled with the politically targeted nature of the prosecution, should strike fear into every citizen in this country irrespective of their views of President Trump.”

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