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NYC Judge Blocks Father from Visiting 3-Year-Old Daughter Over Vaccination Status

A judge in Manhattan moved last week to block a father from physically interacting with his three-year-old daughter because he remains unvaccinated.

“Here, in-person parental access by defendant is not in the child’s best interests, and there are exceptional circumstances that support its suspension,” penned Judge Matthew Cooper. “The dangers of voluntarily remaining unvaccinated during access with a child while the COVID-19 virus remains a threat to children’s health and safety cannot be understated.”

The court now requires the parent to either receive the injection or subject himself to COVID tests before visiting the child.

“Unfortunately, and to my mind, incomprehensibly, a sizable minority, seizing upon misinformation, conspiracy theories, and muddled notions of ‘individual liberty,’ have refused all entreaties to be vaccinated,” claimed Cooper.

“It’s an incredibly important one that highlights the extraordinary times we are living in and reinforces that a child’s best interests are paramount,” said the mother’s attorney.

“My client is not a conspiracy theorist,” fired-back the father’s lawyer. “He has concerns about the vaccine. He’s heard about side effects. He once had a bad reaction to a flu vaccine.”

Read the full report at the New York Post.

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2 responses to “NYC Judge Blocks Father from Visiting 3-Year-Old Daughter Over Vaccination Status”

  1. And yet, there is a group of people out there who say this is justified because the child is “at risk.” When I see so many people standing against the mandates and passports, it gives me hope, but on this issue, I’ve never felt so black pilled than I have seeing how we are willing to separate parents from their children over a shot….who’s willing to bet that in a few years siblings will be separated because of medical reasons “for their safety.”

  2. dadof2 says:

    They tried it in Chicago and now this. It’s time this father takes their child and does whatever is needed. To deny a parent the right to see their child because of political views, should automatically be a dismissal of this judge’s decision and an absolute barring of this piece of excrement.