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'No Voting, No Vucking': Dating App Releases Election Campaign Ad

'Wanna Hit This Booty? Gotta Do Your Civic Duty' Saucy Santana Says In The Video

On Tuesday black singles dating app, simply titled “BLK,” released a song encouraging people to vote.

The anthem, titled “No Voting No Vucking” was released on Tuesday featuring a collaboration between rapper Katrina Laverne Taylor, who professionally uses the stage name Trina, and rapper Saucy Santana. The lyrics appear to suggest BLK app users should inquire if their prospective partners have previously voted or plan to participate in the upcoming November midterms.

“It’s votin’ season bruh!” Santana says beginning the song. “No voting, no loving. No voting, no touching. No voting, no nothing,” the lyrics read before Santana cites the eponymous title lyric, “No voting, no vucking.”

Santana continues describing a BLK app user “swiping” for potential matches before saying, “The only red flag? Said he don’t vote. This midterms is for all the single cutes. Wanna hit this booty? Gotta do your civic duty.”

Trina raps the second verse similarly suggesting a prospective partner must participate in voting before engaging in sexual activity.

“If the c—ie is the goal, go hit the polls,” Santana concludes the song.


“This foolishness right here is what the Democrat Party thinks of Black voters. I’m outraged this morning looking at this insanity. No Voting, No Vucking?!? So Black people only will do things if motivated by sex?!? This right here is be enough to turn anyone off to the Dems!” said social media influencer and CEO of Urban Global Health Alliance Kevin Jenkins in a tweet.

Although the song does not explicitly direct listeners to vote for either party, the lyrics appear to suggest Democratic favorability as Trina raps, “Anyone could get it universal healthcare.”

The campaign follows the spirit of previous get-out-the-vote campaigns from celebrities including Sean John “P. Diddy” Combs and the 2004 “Vote or Die” effort from his political service group Citizen Change.

“I’ve got one vote and I need to know which candidate represents me and my concerns,” said Combs about Citizen Change, People Magazine reported at the time. “Part of the responsibility I’m taking on is to write up a job description for the candidates and make sure they do their job.”

Combs later used a modified slogan for the 2008 Presidential election saying, “Obama or Die” at a music award ceremony in June that year.

Similar but more explicit campaigns have also been employed to encourage voter participation. In 2016, adult film actresses Angelina Castro and Maggie Green offered to provide sexual services to males voting against then-Republican candidate Donald Trump, the Daily Dot reported

“It’s very simple,” Castro says in a promotional video. “All you have to do is vote against the orange clown. No brainer.”

The adult actresses reportedly carried out their promotion despite Trump securing his nomination agains Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

“I was really shocked when Trump won the election,” Castro said. “Maggie & I absolutely planned on giving all our followers [sexual activity] if he lost. The country is completely divided. What better way to bring everyone together than with [sexual activity] to both sides? I think we can bring even the most ardent Trump and Clinton supporters together with [sexual activity]! I guarantee they won’t leave angry.”

“I was on the edge of my seat election night and was super bummed when Trump won,” said Green. “Our followers were incredibly disappointed. We still want to put a smile on the voters’ faces. There’s so much division in the country it would be nice to see people who don’t see eye to eye… [get along].”

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