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New PSA Wants White Parents to Teach Their Kids About Anti-Racism

The short film is part of a new campaign created in part by We Are, the Ad Council, and the ADL

A new short film called Dear White Parents wants white parents to raise a generation of Anti-Racist children to lessen the burden of black parents.

The three-minute film follows four white families as they discuss racism with their children. Directed by Academy Award nominee Kevin Wilson, Jr., the interspersed scenes included narration from Ronda Taylor Bullock, Ph.D., a black anti-racism educator. 

The film is part of a campaign created by marketing collective IPG DXTRA in conjunction with We Are, an anti-racism education non-profit, the Ad Council, and the Anti-Defamation League. 

The campaign’s ad will air in regional TV markets across America. The video will also be promoted on digital and social media platforms. The campaign includes discussion prompts created by the ADL as well as materials to guide parents’ conversations about race with their children.

“The Dear White Parents creators want white parents to play a central role in raising a generation of anti-racist white kids, and along the way, hopefully, lessen the burdens that Black families and families of color have been shouldering,” says Parents. The campaign includes discussion prompts and materials

Parents also says that “reducing and addressing the microaggressions that young children regularly utter without even realizing it — like asking whether a child’s dark skin is ‘dirty,’ for example — is a real benefit for the kids who are targeted by them.”

Margenett Moore-Roberts, IPG DXTRA’s chief inclusion and diversity officer, said the Dear White Parents campaign was created after the appearance of online videos of black parents having “The Talk” about race and police interactions with their children. These types of videos gained attention during the summer of 2020, during a period of widespread protests following George Floyd’s death.

“I thought we really need to flip this because what if we could help more white families discuss race with their children early and often, when they’re very young?” Moore-Roberts said. “Could that change the 400-year-old trajectory of racism? Could we eliminate the need for Black families to teach their young children how to deal with racism in our society?”

According to a press release, “a multi-disciplinary team from across several IPG DXTRA agencies collaborated over the course of several months to create the platform. The collective included members from: The Brooklyn Brothers, strategic and creative lead, film production; Golin, integrated communications, content development, earned and social media; Hugo & Cat, website development; Resolute Digital, paid media; R&CPMK, celebrity partnerships, influencer engagement and talent; and Weber Shandwick, content development and creative consultation.”

The campaign has been developed over the last 15 months.

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13 responses to “New PSA Wants White Parents to Teach Their Kids About Anti-Racism”

  1. chickens.forever says:

    Boomerang effect. Even our kids well as my 2 grand sons (both of whom we’re now home schooling here in Michigan) have all said repeatedly…………. “How can one not be biased when all you see on TV every day are city people burning, looting, murdering and then complaining about how nobody wants them around” and also “Are all democrats as crazy as that senile fool we have in the white house”. Kids are in their 20’s/30’s and the grand boys are both 5 and 8 respectively. They have all come to these conclusions entirely on their own and when we discuss the history behind race relations in this country all come to agree race relations were actually making positive improvements until Odumbo the great divider got into office and anti social media allowed morons to show just how moronic and hateful they all really are.

  2. this is the shit they be espousing can i put in a counter point we didnt learn about racism because the way you stop the problem is as samuel jackson once said stop talking about it everyone is a human judge them based on that ya fucking fucks

  3. Mavvictus says:

    Dear White Karens . . . maybe actually go and befriend, mentor and teach a Black person . . . but that actually would involve sacrifice and work without all the public virtue signaling and adrenalin rush you get from calling attention to how “enlightened” you aren’t

  4. Mavvictus says:

    Make sure to go to Youtube and leave a Disklike

  5. Saurfang says:

    I hate when they say we have to have the talk when you get pulled over by a police officer. Every parent worth his salt has that talk so the police don’t shoot you for scaring them by erratic behavior.

  6. Wolv256 says:

    Counterpoint: Fuck you!

  7. PolishPierogi says:

    Dear White Parents, make sure your kids know what propoganda is and ‘the cult’ has been nice enough to provide you with a stellar example. Its even Hollyweird level production!

  8. pandusa says:

    In the history of homo sapiens NO : civilization, ethic group, race, sex, religion , tribe or other delineation (of above stated species), have CLEAN hands in the matter of humans inhumanity to one another ( slavery aka human trafficking , racism , ethnic cleansing, religious persecution. ..The list is endless and everyone IS included, somewhere, in the DNA line on this one. ) We should stop finger pointing and blaming each other for history. This is what children should be taught and… how to change it , rather than continue to repeat it in the future with programs such as this one.

  9. Another Beer says:

    Normal Parents have talks with their kids telling them to treat everyone equal and with the same respect you want to be treated. Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, etc…

    Not sure what racists parents teach their kids.

  10. UppityG says:

    Dear White Parents,

    Do not listen to this racist shit.

    A Brown, Red and White Person

  11. DanceswithElephants1 says:

    Stories like this make me want to put my fingers in my ears and scream.
    The nonsense just wont end…………………

  12. rfknight40 says:

    I will definitely be teaching my sons about anti-racism and the lie that it is.

  13. mjpluth says:

    “Dear White Parents….”

    That’s when I stop listening and say ‘… go fuck yourself….’