Mom Who Took Her Teenage Son To U.S. Capitol During Riot Sentenced to Three-Months in Prison

Virginia Marie Spencer is now the 75th of 700 people to be charged in connection to January 6

A North Carolina mother who went to the United States Capitol during the security breach on Jan. 6, 2021, with her teenage son was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

Virginia Marie Spencer and her husband,  Christopher Raphael Spencer, took their 14-year child to the Capitol during the riot last year.

Mrs. Spencer was charged with a misdemeanor for parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol. She pled guilty in September.

In her Jan. 7 ruling, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said it was “very hard to comprehend” the Spencers’ actions.

“It must have been a traumatic experience to witness this kind of violence,” the judge said. “It’s a complete lack of judgment on your part.”

Mr. Spencer is also facing charges related to the events at the Capitol. He has pled not guilty.

His wife has until February 25 to begin her 90-day sentence. Mrs. Spencer will subsequently serve three years of probation. 

Allen Orenberg, Mrs. Spencer’s attorney, had asked Judge Kollar-Kotelly for no jail time and one year of community service and probation.

In a court filing on her behalf, Orenberf said Spencer was one of “many people” who came to believe “vocal displays of outrage in the form of protesting was the only way to make their voices heard” after “months of watching our major cities burn” – a reference to the Black Live Matter riots during the summer of 2020.

“Mrs. Spencer did not come to Washington, D.C., with the intention of subverting democracy,” Orenberg wrote. He said his client went to Washington D.C. “to peacefully protest what she believed at that time to be a fraudulent election.”

According to AP News, “the Spencers and their son walked to the Capitol behind a group of members of the far-right Proud Boys” and “briefly stopped to scream profanities at a counter-protester.”

Prosecutors say the Spencers were in the Capitol building for 30 minutes and entered Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office.

“Of note, Speaker Pelosi had staff members who were trapped inside that suite as the rioters called for Speaker Pelosi steps away from them,” wrote the prosecution in court filings.

Mrs. Spencer, a mother of five and restaurant cashier from Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, was arrested in February of 2021.

She told the F.B.I. that she and her husband tried to leave the Capitol once they realized they were not allowed to be in the building. Judge Kollar-Kotelly challenged this, saying that Mr. Spencer live-streamed on Facebook while they were inside. 

The judge did note that Spencer, 38, “apologized in court on Friday but said it didn’t appear that Spencer really understood that she participated in an insurrection and not a peaceful protest,” per The Winston-Salem Journal.

Mrs. Spencer’s case was compared by prosecutors to “Boyd Camper, a Montana man who brought his 10-year-old to the Capitol on Jan. 6 but left the boy outside with a friend before storming the building,” per WJLA.

Camper was sentenced to 60 days imprisonment by a judge in December. He also agreed to pay $500 toward U.S. Capitol repair costs, which total $1.5 million. 

According to Newsweek, “Virginia Spencer was at least the 75th person sentenced regarding the Capitol riots. Over 700 people have been charged, and more than 170 people have pleaded guilty.”

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13 responses to “Mom Who Took Her Teenage Son To U.S. Capitol During Riot Sentenced to Three-Months in Prison”

  1. STango says:

    You read this article, combine it with all the other dirty games the democrats are using regarding 1/6, and you tell me there’s still a “peaceful” way out of this.

    We allowed ourselves to be voted into this, there’s no voting our way back out.

  2. Corey says:

    WHAT THE JUDGES, DOJ, FBI, Democrats are doing is to Scare anyone from enforcing their right to
    “Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people …
    to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The people coming to the capitol on J6 was to re-enforce THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT , YOU WILL LISTEN TO US. YOU WILL NO LONGER IGNORE Us.
    “Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people …to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    V.P. Pence & the ELITES did this when PENCE Tweeted his “Fuck You Republican VOTERS” letter and PENCE LIED in that letter. I believe it was 3 states sent letters to Pence and the House asking for the electors not be counted for 10 days so the states could investigate what took place.

    FBI did not investigate. Barr did not investigate. THE RNC abandoned Trump 3 days before the election and provided NO Lawyers or even volunteers to oversee the VOTE. The RNC withheld all money donated expressly for election day

    A.G. Garland Says Parents Can Not be Prosecuted at School Board Meetings because of the 1sr Amendment. What Garland chose not to say, It is A.G. Garland who protects the Bill of Rights.

    Rights that are not protected are Rights that are LOST.

    ASK the 80 Jan 06th Grandparents who have been held without bail for past 12 months. The DOJ & the Fed Judges are abusing the rights of these Citizens.

    The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights addresses five rights.
    The limits on government interference with religion, speech , press, & The right to peaceable assembly was a needed protection to exercise the first three. Free Press means you have the right to say what you want and the right to HEAR what you want.

    The First Amendment’s fifth right will come as a surprise to many. Only 1% of Americans even know that it exists.[1]

    The Right to Petition was central to constitutional law and politics in the early United States. It is the First Amendment’s capstone:
    “Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people …
    to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    STANDING was created by the Judiciary during the New Deal. It was used to “isolate” new agencies from Judicial Challenges.
    In the 70’s it was used to protect companies from frivolent law suits, judicial expedience. “sufficient showing that its interests were substantially impaired”
    Problem arises that Justice Roberts and Elitist judges of both the Left and the Elite Federalist Society used it against Citizens on their most basic right. There are 2 ways to redress grievances . The Ballot box thru the House of Representatives and the Courts.

    The Right to redress their Government. By doing this our Republic stopped being Governed by the People but became Governed by the Elites…..
    ……………………….”TYRANNY of the MAJORITY”.

  3. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Too bad she wasn’t black and throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars because a career criminal overdosed on drugs. Would have gotten no time at all.

  4. Keokuk11 says:

    Well it’s not a shock to me when you have a supreme court justice that thinks that there were 100k children on respirators why would it be a strict h to think this judge thought there was an Insurrections clearly a lot of these judges are either dumb as shit or corrupt as shit probably both but once again they demonstrate how truly corrupt all 3 branches have gotten. The justice system is looking more and more like the old Soviet Union and the CCP. If your charged by the state that means you are guilty of whatever the state says your guilty of so the only action you need to take is admit your guilt and beg for the states forgiveness in which we all know a corrupted government would never give forgiveness. As I have sad before we the people no longer rule over the government the government rules over us and this is another example of just that. I remember when they anointed Biden the winner I’ve never seen a press and government literally making subtle threats to people that even questioned that. Only Ill legit corrupt governments need to do that because if the minority of the population believed that. there would be no need to try so hard to convince people otherwise.with all that said we just have to keep voting, organizing, coming together, in hopes we can eventually get the power back and truly weed out the corruption what other options do we really have?

  5. murrayjohn28 says:

    Disbarred and thrown off the bench. She is political and judges have no business telling another parent how to raise the child. You know how many BLM and antifa racist people had there children with them while burning our cities down? They got bailed out by judges but someone goes to the capital with an American flag and is let in to the capital and they go to jail. We have no justice system. America is no more…

  6. prcntm_2nd_try says:

    If the judge thought she participated in an insurrection, why isn’t there an insurrection charge? I’ll admit, my knowledge of our legal system isn’t great, but it would seem that if someone participated in an insurrection we would, you know, charge them with participating in an insurrection.

  7. LegenJerry says:

    Water is getting hotter and hotter, when are you gonna reach the point where you have no choice but to jump out of the pot? I live in the Rocky mountains and off the grid. It’s fun to watch the other frogs say the water isn’t going to boil and the smart frogs saying hey the water is about to boil. I’m going to enjoy watching the democrats boil in the pot of problems they caused.

  8. Dwb616 says:

    The judge is a activist who needs to be bared and a psych evolution. I literally have no faith in our system anymore. I think its time for a peaceful divorce.

  9. JMac says:

    Insurrection is an actual legal term. It is an actual crime that you can be charged with.

    So for all the talk of “insurrection”, why is it that none of these political prisoners have ever been charged with Insurrection?

  10. CrispyBacon says:

    Jailtime? Seriously? For walking into a building that is normally otherwise open to the public? For any non-violent people meandering through the building, it should at most be a fine. Anyone attacking police and causing property damage should be charged accordingly though.

  11. HerrDoktor says:

    “Mrs. Spencer was charged with a misdemeanor for parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol.”

    Wait, is that illegal?

    So either Mr. and Mrs. Spencer are going to have their sentences vacated or all the capitol rioters during summer 2021 are going to face the same sentences or you’re going to be out of a job… Your honor.

  12. Turk_Longwell says:

    If the judge thinks that Mrs. Spencer took part in an insurrection, why the F didn’t she sentence her as an insurrectionist? The Damn Judges thinks it was an insurrection, hence they didn’t even listen to the findings of the BS FBI. Where’s the neutral Law centered Judges at?

  13. Aero says:

    Judge should be removed, disbarred, and given the cumulative sentences of all of these clear political trials.