Majority of Liberal College Students Consider Themselves 'Unpatriotic' and Favor Socialism

By Cassandra Fairbanks

A new national survey from North Dakota State University revealed that the majority of liberal college students consider themselves “unpatriotic” and favor Socialism.

When asked, “Are you proud to be American?” a whopping 57 percent of liberal students said “no.”

In contrast, 73 percent of conservative students answered “yes.”

The designers of the survey, NDSU professors John Bitzan and Clay Routledge, issued a statement to Campus Reform about the “surprising result.”

“This is a surprising result. Previous work done by Clay Routledge shows that most Americans are proud to be American, regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, income, or employment status. We don’t know why college students answered in this way, but the differences between answers by college students and the general population on a very similar question seem to suggest something unique that is worth further exploration,” the professors jointly commented.

In another shocking portion of the survey, which focused on diversity of thought and viewpoint, there was a major difference in opinion about free speech. When asked if a student should be reported to the university for making an “offensive” comment, 76 percent of liberal students said yes.

A 69 percent majority of conservative students disagreed.

“A majority of students perceive a climate that is open to sharing of controversial or unpopular ideas in the classroom. However, many of those same students are in favor of reporting professors or fellow students who make comments they deem to be offensive,” the study authors noted.

Additionally, only 34 percent of liberal students said that they feel uncomfortable sharing their views on controversial topics in class — while a majority 58 percent of conservative students said the same.

The pollsters also surveyed student’s views on socialism and capitalism and found that “nearly half of liberal students and one-fifth of conservative students believe college has made them have a more negative view of capitalism. A majority of students across political groups agree that at least a few of their professors have expressed their views on capitalism and socialism. These students indicate that most of the time these views are unfavorable toward capitalism.”

Of the students that they spoke to, 32 percent have a positive view of socialism, another 32 percent report a negative view of socialism, and the remaining 36 percent report a neutral view of socialism. Only seven percent of conservative students reported having a positive view of socialism.

A majority of liberal students (65 percent) think socialism can help solve major challenges in this country, compared to a majority of conservative students (62 percent) who disagree.

The pollsters surveyed 400,000 students from more than 1,000 American college campuses for the study.

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22 responses to “Majority of Liberal College Students Consider Themselves ‘Unpatriotic’ and Favor Socialism”

  1. Russ says:


  2. A deal I would take in a heartbeat, all the people who hate America and want Socialism/Communism will be sent away from the country and all the people who come here illegally can take their place. We’ll figure out how to recover from the consequences later, but at least most of those people see how great this place is.

  3. PolishPierogi says:

    Please don’t fuck any of these men, or give them any level of societal credence. They are the real dregs of society. If you want a man that wants the government to take care of them, they will not be able to protect, provide, or defend you our your family someday. Take one look at that picture, I don’t see any men that could even lift half of my couch let alone a full grown human being in dire straits. Say no to socialism, it’s FOR the feint of heart and weakest of genes.

  4. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Socialists don’t understand that they only get along on the premise of “fighting against capitalism”, but as soon as they overthrow it, then they’ll descend into chaos, as they realize that they agree on almost nothing else AND that their stupid, bad idea was bad and stupid.

  5. Red-Pill_Ruggs says:

    They should be sent to Venezuela for a month as part of their schooling. See if they still want Socialism IF they get back alive.

  6. VernonRedmon says:

    They can all leave also, they can all go to their home in the United Kingdom.

  7. TheDarkworld says:

    Because they have no concept of responsibility, supply and demand, dispersal of information, the nature of evil…. Literally anything. They’ve been raised by tv and shipped off to sink or swim. It’s really no wonder.

  8. Goatfoot21 says:

    I know I don’t want to share my GPA.

  9. Bigly12025 says:

    People who are on the left / part of the democrat party are not liberals at all. That term has lost 90% of its’ meaning.

  10. VauxhallViva1975 says:

    Good idea. Let them get a taste of the socialism and communism that they are wanting. They love it and want it so much – let them fucking have it for a while and see how they like it. I bet they won’t – if they survive the year without being disposed of for saying something against the government over there etc…..

  11. frodolai says:

    will those liberal/socialist students share their GPA, financial aids and scholarship?

  12. Fool_Moony says:

    The Left has already seceded from the USA in all but name

  13. jrhaile says:

    Defund these colleges, in fact defund out entire broken education system. Fuck them all.

  14. Cat_R_Pillar says:

    51773 finally stopped spamming the comments

  15. A.J. says:

    Gooble Gobble one of us.

    We really need a patriotic resurgence in this country. Politicians and people have been asleep at the wheel for too long and the red scare came back half a decade later. Maybe active curriculums should now include a student exchange program where we send them over to China or North Korea for a month to let them live that good life in their communist Utopia. They can start with 16 hour work days in the Foxcon factory while also maintaining their 12 hour school days.

  16. CalDelt says:

    “surveyed student’s views”. Copy editor, guys.

  17. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    Leftists are authoritarians, conservatives are liberals.

  18. Wigston22 says:

    I just graduated college and am glad I am out. A lot of people there (and I can’t stress this enough) DO NOT UNDERSTAND the dangers of socialism/communism. They have not read about the soviet union, they have not heard about the killing fields of cambodia, nor have they heard about mao’s cultural revolution that killed 10s of millions of people. They “want” a revolution, but they don’t understand the HELL that they will unleash if a socialist revolution happens

  19. henk says:

    we need a bill to send all the communists to there socialist paradises.

  20. drabdisciple says:

    Not even remotely surprising when you’ve spent any time at one of these institutions. Hatred of the country is an open secret.

  21. RossMG5446 says:

    Deport professors to their preferred utopias.

  22. TeeZee says:

    If Trump gets back in power he should invoke the socialist exchange committee.
    Which teams up with socialist countries to offer 1 year exchange student programs.
    Link the program to graduation requirements, for all students who identify as socialist, enjoy your free year of living your dream.