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Loudoun County Gives Over 100 Kids Incorrect Doses of COVID Vaccine

Over 100 children in Loudoun County, Virginia have been given incorrect doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The incorrect doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech shot were administered to 112 children under 12-years-old at Ted Pharmacy in Aldie on November 3 and 4.

The Virginia Department of Health confirmed on Friday that the young children were given doses approved for people 12 or older — not the one for children 5 through 11-years-old.

“Because they did not have the children’s formulation they used the adult formulation but only gave a third of the amount to the children,” said David Goodfriend, director of the Loudoun County Health Department in a statement obtained by the Washington Post. “Our understanding from Ted Pharmacy is they were trying to do a workaround, which is not authorized.”

Goodfriend explained that the children likely either received too much or too little of the vaccine solution.

“For those 12 years and older, the dosage of the adult formulation is 30 micrograms (0.3 ml). Our understanding is that Ted Pharmacy attempted to give the correct 10 microgram dosage to those under 12 by administering 0.1 ml of the adult formulation,” Goodfriend told WUSA 9.

The health department official said that they were alerted to what the pharmacy was doing by an attentive parent.

In their report on the matter, the Federalist noted that “just two weeks ago, an FDA committee member admitted he didn’t know the long-term risk of administering the vaccine to children but approved it anyway. ‘We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it,’ he said.”

Federal authorities have now instructed Ted Pharmacy that they are no longer authorized to give the vaccines. The Virginia Department of Health has confiscated their remaining supply.

“VDH is also working to contact parents and ensure they understand the guidance on next steps,” the department’s statement said. “VDH has not received any other reports of pharmacies or providers administering COVID-19 vaccines formulated for 12 years and older to children 5-11 years old.”

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8 responses to “Loudoun County Gives Over 100 Kids Incorrect Doses of COVID Vaccine”

  1. Devilsgun says:

    Loudon county isn’t satisfied with mental rape of children. They want to take their dominance and subjugation of the youth to the cellular level… They are evil. Goddamn right I said it, EVIL!

    We can’t keep pretending these fucks have ‘good intentions’ while they keep doing absolutely evil things…

  2. Walldoc77 says:

    My 8 year old daughter summed it up perfectly.
    Me: Hey you want to get the covid vaccine?
    Her: Umm dad we had covid and we didn’t die so why would i want to get it?
    Me: Smiles ear to ear. Thata girl.
    How sad is it that an 8 year old in 3rd grade has more common sense than most adults.

  3. Maiafay says:

    What the hell is wrong with this county? They can’t seem to stop hurting kids.

  4. UppityG says:

    Do. Not. Give. This. Vaccine. To. Your. Kids. If you do you are turning them over to the govt to be the Beta Group that Dr Fauci and his ilk have longed for their entire careers. This is MADNESS. Anyone under the age of 18 is NOT at risk of being permanently harmed, nevermind killed by the coof. They. Simply. Aren’t. Fact check me. Go to the CDC data.

    Look up how many people have been killed by the coof vaccines, mRNA specifically, in the short time it has been in use VERSUS the total number killed by traditional vaccines used for childhood diseases during the entire time they’ve been in use.

    Fauci is on video, at a symposium or conference, on a dais on stage, complaining about how traditional vaccines are grown using eggs as a medium and is clearly eager to “use something better” now. How is this better?

    When a tried and true method is still working just fine, why fix what is not broken? Because Fauci wants a legacy of his very own. He stopped being an M.D. a long time ago. He became a scientist in search of a brand new discovery all his own and he has always been perfectly comfortable with other people dying in order for him to get it.

    Remember, he actually said a pandemic was a price worth paying (by others, of course) in order to attain gain of function.

    Perhaps many of us are calling for his head, but the corrupt corporate media is ignoring it, because he’s their patron saint. Lefties always fail to call evil out after they’ve rushed to embrace it uncritically, gullible for its lies and promises.

  5. nrol34 says:

    Oh well, it’s the store Pharmacists fault. Another puppy experiment

  6. the7tower7falls says:


  7. Bellmorte81 says:

    Loudon County really doesn’t seem to like kids

  8. omegahunter9 says:

    It’s insane to me that they would think it’s okay to use a workaround to vaccinate children. It is also insane to me that the FDA would approve something they, “didn’t know the long-term risk of”. That’s practically admitting that they should never have approved it in the first place. There’s a reason we use rigorous scientific testing and study before we give people medications. The consequences of not doing that science can be permanently harmful.