LGBTQ+ Flag Replaced With Confederate Flag on Virginia Tech Campus

This was the third time a pride flag was stolen from the Wesley Center in the past two weeks

An LGBTQ pride flag hanging on Virginia Tech’s religious center was taken down and swapped with a Confederate flag.

A second Confederate flag was discovered at the back of the building.

Campus minister Bret Gresham told NBC News it was the third time a rainbow flag was stolen in two weeks.

Gresham said The Wesley Center has displayed a Pride flag for years and keeps extras on hand should one need to be replaced. He says he noticed the latest vandalism Saturday morning and reported it to the Blacksburg Police Department.

“My No. 1 concern is the students and making sure they feel they have a safe environment to come, to live out their faith and be affirmed in who they are,” he said.

In a statement on its website regarding the vandalism, Virginia Tech said it “strongly rejects all forms of prejudice and discrimination and condemns deliberate, hateful actions. We were personally deeply saddened to learn about an act of vandalism against a ministry in our community. This incident does not reflect who we are at Virginia Tech and the Principles of Community that guide us. We fully support Blacksburg Police in their effort to investigate this matter and encourage anyone in the community with information to come forward.”

The statement included a list of resources available to “anyone in the university community who needs assistance or counseling as a result of this incident.” The school’s Women’s Center, housing office, and counseling center were among the included resources.

The New York Post says the “Stars and Bars”  are “commonly used as a white supremacist symbol.”

On Twitter, Gresham called the confederate flags a “hate crime” 

The Virginia Tech Wesley Center removed a photo of the confederate flag they had previously posted to their Twitter out of concern it would harm other students.

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22 responses to “LGBTQ+ Flag Replaced With Confederate Flag on Virginia Tech Campus”

  1. WrathfulMonkey says:

    I would tell you to talk with a medical professional to fix whatever head injury you suffered to be so stupid

  2. Merdrah says:

    It’s too soon!
    They’re not in complete control yet.

    I.E. They haven’t won the war yet. It’s still ongoing.

  3. Davidtseng1994 says:

    The American South still has common sense, in this day and age one can’t even call out abomination or pedophilia without being censored

  4. IntegratedCrazy says:

    Or what? Keyboard warrior.

  5. AndyfromWrexham says:

    Indeed. And Leftists don’t give a shit if you’re offended so why should we give a fuck when they claim to be ‘traumatised’ by a confederate flag?

  6. mophorex says:

    That was my first thought. These things usually turn out to be hoaxes.

  7. WrathfulMonkey says:

    while I’ll I stand up for your right to say stupid things as a part of your freedom of speech that’s only until you start promoting violence, with what you said you need to sit down and shut the **** up.

  8. OniShogun says:

    LOOOL good point

  9. IntegratedCrazy says:

    Good. The faggtry needs to stop. We need to get back to good ole fashioned fag drags.

  10. Fool_Moony says:

    I bet a Lefty put it up

  11. Martin9 says:

    Truly lol

  12. Martin9 says:

    Heres a little ditty that Loyd Austin is moving the nuke stockpiles out of TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, MT, to be held at Dover AFB….IS THIS IN PREPARATION FOR HIS HANDOVER TO CHINA?

  13. Buzz says:

    i’m offended by Pride flags

  14. StannisBaratheon says:


  15. PolishPierogi says:


  16. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    They replaced the modern Democrat flag with the old one. I fail to see the issue?

  17. Killjoy644 says:

    I know exactly what your saying.. this is what I found really weird I used to live In Mississippi and a lot of black guys I met and did construction jobs had these flags as the roof interior of their pick up trucks and rebel flag stickers on the bumper…
    I live in Indiana now and the only people with that flag also do lots of meth and have no teeth so they tend not to be to up on the old political s scene lol

  18. Vashts1985 says:

    trolling level expert.

  19. NoOne123 says:

    I’ve never really met a conservative that was all about the confederate flag. Surely they exist? I know during the Jan 6th riots there were people dressed in black bloc that carried the confederate flag through the building and there always seems to be at least one that shows up at large gatherings of patriots/right wingers. With how rampant hate crime hoaxes are i’m honestly really starting to think that the confederate flag is actually a, “false flag” symbol. Its just weird that anytime there’s a gathering of right wingers/patriots ALL left leaning news agencies can capture multiple shots of the ONE person with a confederate flag at a rally but in right leaning sources you never see it. Its always American flags.

    If right wingers/patriots were all about that confederate flag why don’t i see more of them on right wing news sources? Its weird how those on the right just don’t even think about that.

  20. shadowx717 says:

    I rather hope whoever replaced those flags was super careful. These people ruin the lives of anyone in their way.

  21. UppityG says:

    Same here. Those “pride” flags shout in my face that I should be ashamed of who I am because I’m not gay. That offends me.

  22. Stephen Menard says:

    “safe space” ok well the pride flag makes me feel unsafe so it needs to be torn down.