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'Kiss My A—': Matt Walsh Refuses To Bend Knee To Activists

'I Wouldn't Apologize To You Soulless Parasites If I Had A Gun To My Head' Said The Podcaster

On Thursday, conservative podcast host Matt Walsh gave a terse response to his critics after Media Matters attempted to “cancel” him in a hit-piece earlier this week.

Media Matters criticized Walsh, who hosts The Matt Walsh Show on the Daily Wire, for his recent reporting on Vanderbilt University’s transgender clinic for providing medical gender transition to minors, calling his claims “false” and “incendiary.” The outlet shared a 2010 video of the Daily Wire host giving a speech at a Tea Party rally calling for voters to get involved and take actions if they want change in politics along with a clip of Walsh from 2011 claiming teenage pregnancy wasn’t a problem but rather unwed teenage pregnancy.

“So here’s my official answer, for the record,” Walsh said addressing Media Matters’ article on a Thursday episode of his show.

“Kiss my ass.”

Walsh continued:

I do not apologize. In fact, by all rights, you sick freaks should be the ones apologizing to me for lying and defaming me and doing it all because I’m trying to prevent you from sexually mutilating children. You damned monsters. You child-abusing psychopaths. I wouldn’t apologize to you soulless parasites if I had a gun to my head. Instead, I’d rather just tell you all to piss off. I apologize for nothing. I concede nothing. I will never surrender even a single inch of ground to a pitchfork mob of degenerate morons.

The podcaster noted his critics attempts to cancel him saying, “Nobody is truly cancelled unless they consent to it and they willingly play their assigned roles. Well I do not consent, and I’m not going to play the game. I’m not going anywhere.”

Earlier in his career, Walsh co-hosted a terrestrial radio program with fellow radio host Andrew “Crank” Murr called The Matt and Crank Program which ran between 2010 and 2011, broadcasting on Georgetown, Delaware’s WZBH 93.5 FM. The former radio-host confirmed the allegations in Media Matters’ article referring to himself as somewhat of a “shock-jock” in his early-twenties during Thursday’s episode of The Matt Walsh Show.

Walsh also acknowledged the article’s report that he previously tased an intern while he was a radio-host though criticized the outlet for failing to mention he also was willingly tased during an on-air game he reportedly invented called “Taser Trivia.” The game consisted of players being tased for providing incorrect answers to trivia questions. Walsh provided a recording of himself blindfolded being tased while playing the aforementioned game. The Daily Wire host also brought up his past failed Mayoral run in Georgetown which he disclosed was a comedic gag.

Earlier this year, Walsh released a documentary exploring the current narrative of gender ideology and gender expression titled What is a Woman? The film features a string of interviews between Walsh and academic experts in the field of gender and sexuality, a handful of which appear visually flustered when Walsh asks the title’s eponymous question, “What is a woman?” The Daily Wire experienced a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack during the film’s premier on June 1.

“The left will do whatever they can to make sure no one sees this movie,” Walsh said, addressing the DDoS attack. “They know their ideology is based on lies and their logic is hollow and premiering the movie to a massive online audience will not only be an utter embarrassment to them but will send a message that they will not win this battle.”

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