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Joy Behar Says Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott Don't Understand Racism

'That’s Why They’re Republicans'

Joy Behar, co-host of The View, suggested Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott don’t understand racism.

Behar, who has previously been critical of the Supreme Court Justice, made her comments during a Tuesday episode discussing the South Carolina Senator’s recently announced 2024 Presidential campaign, comparing him to former president Ronald Reagan.

“Isn’t he Professor Positive? Unlike Trump, everything is bad, there’s a doomsday, he’s more like Reagan-esque, ‘Morning in America,’” Behar said of Scott.

“He doesn’t say he’s pro-choice exactly, although he did say he would vote for anything they put on the table, the Republicans. So he is not pro-choice,” she continued. “And he’s one of these guys, who, you know, like Clarence Thomas, a black Republican, who believes in ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps,’ rather than to me, understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country and other minorities.”

“He doesn’t get it. Neither does Clarence. And that’s why they’re Republicans.”

Behar previously criticized Thomas by comparing his political leanings to Attila The Hun.

“Clarence Thomas, a black guy, a black man, a justice,” she said of Thomas in January 2022. “Okay, I’ll give it to him. He’s a smart guy, but he is to the right of Attila The Hun, this guy. And they put him in there thinking, ‘Oh, a black man will go against voting rights,’ which is what he does.”

“It was terrible,” fellow co-host Sunny Hostin added. “It’s terribly disrespectful to appoint someone like Clarence Thomas with his philosophies to the seat of Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights activist.”

In November, fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg criticized Thomas’ marriage.

“He’s married to a white woman,” Goldberg said of Thomas. “Isn’t that diversity?”

On Friday, Scott launched his 2024 Presidential bid.

“Today, our country is once again being tested,” Scott said. “Once again, our divisions run deep and the threat to our future is real.”

“Joe Biden and the radical left have chosen a culture of grievance over greatness. They are promoting victimhood instead of personal responsibility,” the senator continued. “And they are indoctrinating our children to believe we live in an evil country. And all too often when they get called out for their failures, they weaponize race to divide us – to hold on to their power.”

“I know America is a land of opportunity, not a land of oppression,” Scott said. “I know it because I have lived it.”

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