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The Daily Wire To Stream All Shows Through Twitter

'If Elon Musk Stands By His Commitment To Make Twitter A Home For Free Speech [and] Delivers On Monetization Opportunities ... We Will Invest Even More Into The Platform'

Conservative media outlet The Daily Wire will stream all their shows through Twitter beginning on May 30.

The outlet’s move follows co-CEO Jeremy Boreing’s April announcement of efforts to censor The Daily Wire on outlets like YouTube.

Similar to YouTube and Rumble streams, the Daily Wire’s Twitter streams will be available to viewers for free.

“At this moment, Twitter is the largest free speech platform in the world,” Boreing said per the Daily Wire. “The overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our advertisers and audience after putting ‘The Matt Walsh Show’ on Twitter signals to us there is tremendous opportunity, which is why we’ve decided to distribute the rest of our shows on Twitter.”

All nine of the Daily Wire’s shows, including The Ben Shapiro Show, The Michael Knowles Show, The Matt Walsh Show, The Candace Owens Podcast, The Dr. Jordan Peterson Podcast, The Andrew Klavan Show, and Morning Wire, will begin streaming on Twitter along with the outlet’s sports show Craine & Co., and The Comments Section With Brett Cooper.

The Matt Walsh Show began streaming on Twitter shortly after Boreing revealed a censorship effort targeting Walsh’s show.

“Tech giants like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and — until Elon Musk wrote a check — Twitter, flagging, banning, throttling, shadow banning, and demonetizing us is a constant occurrence,” Boreing tweeted in April.

“Why do they hate us?” Boreing continued. “Well, because we’re free. We’re one of the last truly independent media companies. The majority and controlling interest in this company is held by Ben Shapiro, Caleb Robinson, and me. No one can tell us what to publish, what to say, what to do. No investor or board of directors can maneuver us into acquiescing to their demands or expressing their values. We only express our own.”

“If Elon Musk stands by his commitment to make Twitter a home for free speech and delivers on monetization opportunities and more sophisticated analytics for content creators, I imagine we will invest even more into the platform,” Boreing said, suggesting more content may be added to the Daily Wire’s Twitter roster.

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