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Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Falls to Record Low in Latest Poll from Associated Press

A new survey from the Associated Press published this week shows a record number of Americans disapproving of Joe Biden’s job performance after a full year in the White House.

According to the poll, 43 percent support the Democrat while 54 percent disapprove of his performance.

“President Joe Biden ends his first year in the White House with a clear majority of Americans for the first time disapproving of his handling of the presidency in the face of an unrelenting pandemic and roaring inflation, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research,” reports the Associated Press.

“In July, 59% of Americans said they approved of Biden’s job performance in an AP-NORC poll. His approval rating dipped to 50% by late September in the aftermath of the chaotic and bloody U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan and amid surging coronavirus infections and the administration’s fitful efforts to push economic, infrastructure and tax policies through Congress,” adds the AP.

The poll comes hours after Biden held his 10th press conference since taking office.

“We’ll be creating better jobs for millions of people modernizing our roads, our bridges, our highways, our ports, our airports — everything from making clean water; lead — removing lead pipes that every American can turn on — every American can turn on a faucet and drink clean water — urban and rural and suburban communities,” the President told reporters.

Read the full survey here.

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4 responses to “Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Falls to Record Low in Latest Poll from Associated Press”

  1. Patrick1984 says:

    Biden is the Meat Puppet, and Fall Guy. They will just blame it all on the Senile old man in the end. Meanwhile Jill is the new Bag Man for the Biden Crime Family as the heat is on Hunter. Half of his supporters will not and cannot face the facts. The other half plain don’t give a damn. Just as long as their Welfare Checks, Abortion on Demand, Government Pensions, and Tenure exist. Not to mention, the 1000 % mark up on Basketball Shoes. etc. from China’s Slave Labor Camps. After all The Greater Good really means. Well, it Did not happen to me.

  2. prcntm_2nd_try says:

    I will maintain my position that Biden was a throw-away candidate that they were sacrificing to the 2020 election. COVID-19 happened and all of the sudden Democrats had a shot at implementing all the policies that would help them edge out a win, but Biden and Harris had already been locked in. Rather than ride out the 2020 election as they had planned, they dumped all their efforts into helping Biden win.

    They solve every problem as if they exist in a bubble. California’s multitude of problems are great examples. They’re afraid of climate change, so they implemented an emissions fix: vehicles can only drive so much in California. This eventually led to the shipping crisis at the California ports. Trucks can’t move in and out fast enough to keep up with all the products coming in. So they independently say that the ports will remain open 24 hours to help shipments move through faster, completely ignoring the precipitating conditions that created the problem in the first place. Having a port open 24 hours is great, but trucks still can’t get in to move the products. All the Biden Administration has done is brought that hyperfocused problem-solving procedure to the national level.

  3. HerrDoktor says:

    Democrats, want a refund?

  4. Strangerthanyouthink says:

    Let’s go Brandon