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Joe Biden Says Communism is a 'Universally Failed System,' Before Knocking Socialism

Biden declared that Communism is a "universally failed system" and implied that Socialism is not much better

On Thursday, Biden finally condemned Communism amid the mass protests in Cuba.

The protests have been going on since Sunday over food shortages and power outages.

“Communism is a failed system, a universally failed system, and I don’t see socialism as a very useful substitute,” said Biden.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also condemned Communism earlier in the day, after dancing around the subject for nearly a week.

“Communism is a failed ideology, and we certainly believe that it has failed the people of Cuba,” Psaki said at her press briefing. “They deserve freedom.”

Psaki had been under fire after originally refusing to condemn the communist regime, instead just blaming “government mismanagement.”

When pressed on the issue, Psaki claimed that Biden was doing plenty to condemn the Cuban government.

“He has made clear that he stands with the Cuban people and their call for freedom from both the pandemic and from decades of repression and economic suffering to which they’ve been subjected by Cuba’s authoritarian regime,” Psaki said.

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, one of the favorites for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, sent a letter to Biden requesting aid and internet service for the people of Cuba.

Donald Trump won Florida’s Cuban vote 56% to Biden’s 41% in the 2020 election — helping him carry the crucial swing state.

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders was quick to support the protesters, but was careful not to condemn the Communism that they are protesting.

“All people have the right to protest and to live in a democratic society. I call on the Cuban government to respect opposition rights and refrain from violence. It’s also long past time to end the unilateral U.S. embargo on Cuba, which has only hurt, not helped, the Cuban people,” Sanders tweeted.

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19 responses to “Joe Biden Says Communism is a ‘Universally Failed System,’ Before Knocking Socialism”

  1. Los2000 says:

    System X

  2. TheDarkworld says:

    So instead we’ll subject you to corpunism! It’s like fascism without the nationalism!

  3. Wolv256 says:

    You’re a universally failed system

  4. [email protected]gmail.com says:

    Wow…it’s like they don’t know what communism and socialism actually is? I totally love hearing our American leaders admit the truth…now, put your money where your mouth is!

  5. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    The dems know they are saddled with the communist tag.

  6. Goodwin1776 says:

    Took them long enough!! Jeez….
    Watch Ted Cruz’s Senate floor remarks on Cuba!!

  7. Element says:

    Is an embargo an incentive to change? They have been embargoed for 60 years with no change. It is only punishing the people of Cuba for the failures of their government.

  8. Surewhynot says:

    Ok Biden says communism is a failed system now will tell that to the Ccp? Oh wait they have money Cuba don’t

  9. Glothr says:

    Holy shit this is amazing. I wish I could see all of the idiot commies and socialists raging right now.

  10. Wolv256 says:

    Kayleigh was an angel. Curse this duplicitous shrew.

  11. Wolv256 says:

    No, she’s Mark Zuckerburg in a wig pulling a Juwanna Mann.

  12. Devilsgun says:

    “Technocratic Corporate Fascism is the way of the future!”

    /s but only kind of, sadly

  13. Dookudidntlie says:

    If, communism is so bad and socialism isn’t much better than why are the dems trying to push all kinds of socialist policies, do they not see the overwhelmingy ironic position they are backing themselves into?
    Lifting the trade embargo on Cuba is a terrible idea at this moment, then the government would have no incentive to change.

  14. DavidFlora says:

    $100 says Biden has his fingers crossed when he said it so it doesn’t really count…

  15. Thomas_Knox says:

    Two comments: Not having BDS I am very happy Biden said this. Regardless if they’re mere words, they’re words that need to be spoken by every single US president.

    Second comment: I disagree with Biden’s statement that communism has failed. Communism has worked every time it has been attempted. It’s just a horrid system that results in death and destruction. All one needs to do is study it to know that will be the outcome if not the intent, therefore it has worked exactly as planned every time it’s been implemented.

  16. Margie says:

    Psaki is a Marxist so it must have been like pulling teeth to get her to say that.

  17. USBurning says:



  18. petermac222 says:

    the two faced SOBs, they know everybody, (er most US citizens) hate both socialism/communism but they continue to apply communist rule to the country. It’s amazing that half (or dar aboots) of US citizens continue to fall for the story. UGH.

    Long Story short… there were kings and queens ruling the earth. Then the U.S. came along and we tried to change that, such that good people ruled themselves. Alas, good people are rare, and rulers always like being the king/queen/duke/duchess.

    Have we already lost?

  19. Aonavycvn760206 says:

    Omg, why couldn’t she just say that instead of checking w/ the hivemind to see if it was authorized.. Or something…