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Jill Biden Hosts Event For Military Children, Makes Them Wear Masks While She Doesn't

First Lady Jill Biden was spotted maskless during a White House Christmas event for military families — while guests, including young children, were all required to wear them.

During the event, Biden read her own book, “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops,” to a second-grade class from Malcolm Elementary School in Waldorf, Maryland.

The children were forced to wear masks and sit on cut out stars that were placed on the ground to make sure that they were socially distanced.

The First Lady did not wear a mask as she sat by the fireplace to read to the children. She was not seen wearing one at any point during the event.

“In the story, written by Jill Biden, a young girl Natalie comforts her brother ‘Hunter’ while her father is deployed overseas,” Breitbart News reports. “The children’s book she wrote was inspired by her granddaughter Natalie and Hunter, children of Biden’s son Beau Biden.”

The discussion about how the wealthy and elite are often seen maskless while the public are forced to have their faces covered picked up steam after the 2021 Met Gala.

In an article on the issue from Glenn Greenwald, titled The Masking of the Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From the Met Gala Are Now Commonplace, he wrote “the normalization of maskless elites attended to by faceless servants is grotesque.”

“Even with all of this deceit and manipulation, there is something uniquely disturbing — creepy even — about becoming accustomed to seeing political and cultural elites wallowing in luxury without masks, while those paid small wages to serve them in various ways are forced to keep cloth over their faces,” Greenwald wrote. “It is a powerful symbol of the growing rot at the core of America’s cultural and social balkanization: a maskless elite attended to by a permanently faceless servant class. The country’s workers have long been faceless in a figurative sense, and now, thanks to extremely selective application of decisively unscientific COVID restrictions, that condition has become literal.”

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9 responses to “Jill Biden Hosts Event For Military Children, Makes Them Wear Masks While She Doesn’t”

  1. pandusa says:

    I wouldn’t allow my kid in that house with “sniffin” Joe and laptop Hunter. Mask would be the LEAST of my worries.

  2. pandusa says:

    The possibilities are just endless with this Biden Crime Family material. Huh?

  3. JoeSC says:

    Beautiful. I’m pretty sure you can fit something like this in there though:

    As Hunter searched the floor for his missing Parmesan cheese, Santa wondered how he had become such a sleaze. The laptops were missing, but his pipe was aglow, he was having such a wonderful time with his nose full of snow.

    And so on.

  4. Heathenairsoftnj says:

    What a disgusting cunt.

  5. DonRon says:

    Impossible for me to describe her any better than you have, well played 👊🏻

  6. DonRon says:

    Correct you are

  7. pandusa says:

    -Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. Swamp creatures were stirring. The cat coward behind the mouse. The bank accounts were hung by the chimney with care. In hopes the CCP and Burisma soon would be there. When out on the front lawn there arose such a clatter. Hunter, sprang from his sister-in-law, to see what was the matter. The moon on the breast of Hunters additional escort ho, gave a luster to the Military Industrial Complex below. Santa said as he circled the place “I have nothing for these people they are ALL a disgrace. On Dasher, on Dancer before Milley fires off a drone. Rudolph TURN OFF THAT NOSE, they might follow us home”! I heard Santa exclaim as he saw Hunter light up his pipe ” I have never seen such goings on in my life”.

  8. exactly34 says:

    What a cunt.

  9. Viewtifuljoe says:

    I blame the parents. If you think it is acceptable for you and your child to be masked but the first lady is above such token gestures then you accept your place, pleb. Anyone who still values their dignity would take their child and go.