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'I'm Jealous Of You': Dylan Mulvaney Addresses Tampon Controversy

'It's Not Because I'm Misogynistic, It's Because You're Transphobic'

TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a transgender woman, addressed criticism over tampons in a Wednesday video.

Mulvaney introduced the video as a continuation of the “days of being a girl” series though the TikTok influencer said “I’ll say woman for this one because this video is for the women on Twitter who just really don’t like me.”

“I haven’t talked about tampons on here lately because I don’t use them,” Mulvaney said. “I’m a woman who doesn’t have a uterus. I know this, and science was my strongest subject in high school.”

“I just sometimes carry one in case anybody needs it,” the Tik Tok influencer continued while holding the feminine hygiene product. “And that seems to have just set the world on fire in some pretty nasty ways.”



Day 271- the great tampon debacle of 2022 #trans

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The TikTok influencer decided to purchase and carry tampons after a woman allegedly asked Mulvaney for one in a bathroom, which was detailed in a March video.

“I’m so tired of sticking up for myself over something that was so pure intentioned,” Mulvaney continued.

Mulvaney further addressed criticism that feminine hygiene brand Tampax had reportedly collaborated with the the TikTok influencer after the March video went viral. Two days after sharing the original tampon video, the Mulvaney posted another video captioned: “When TAMPAX offers to sponsor you but you don’t have [female genitalia].”

“I have never made $1 off of feminine hygiene products,” Mulvaney said, clarifying the TikTok influencer was only sent “a few boxes of tampons” by the brand to give other women.

“So I hope that helps you sleep better at night,” Mulvaney continued, saying the “bigger problem” was women feeling the TikTok influencer was a “threat” to their “womanhood.”

“How is someone doing something nice so repulsive to you?” Mulvaney asked, saying women would “run to brunch on Sunday” and “gush” to their friends over a boyfriend, husband, or gay best friend keeping an emergency supply of tampons. “And then a trans woman does it and all of a sudden I’m the reason that there’s a tampon shortage.”

“It’s not because I’m misogynistic, it’s because you’re transphobic.”

“I’m jealous of you,” the TikTok influencer said. “I wish I was born in your body. I wish I had a uterus.”

Mulvaney further rebutted critics suggesting they were projecting “pain and trauma” on the TikTok influencer likening them to high school bullies.

“We don’t have to be BFFs, and you don’t have to follow me, just please don’t call the police on me if we bump into each other in the bathroom,” Mulvaney continued. “My only agenda is to try to find the will to wake up every day and find some ounce of happiness. And believe it or not, somehow I love ya.”

Mulvaney concluded the video by saying the TikTok influencer was “nervous” for critics because “tweets are forever.”

“I don’t want those to come back and haunt you.”

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