Hobby Lobby Facing Leftist Backlash Over Ad That Calls for 'Christian-Run Government'

By Cassandra Fairbanks

Craft giant Hobby Lobby is once again facing outrage from the left, after a Fourth of July ad from the company endorsed a “Christian-run government.”

The patriotic advert ran in several newspapers across the nation on Sunday.

The ad was titled “One Nation Under God,” and included the Bible verse “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the lord.”

The company included quotes from presidents who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 supporting the notion that America was founded as a religious nation.

For example, the ad quoted former President John Adams saying, “our Constitution was made only for religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

“It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor,” the ad also says, quoting George Washington.

Hobby Lobby also ran similar ads across social media over the weekend.

The owners of Hobby Lobby have never shied away from expressing their moral or political beliefs.

On their website, Hobby Lobby explains that owner David Green “felt commissioned by God to do something different” in 1995 for their holiday ads.

“Before long, Hobby Lobby was placing beautiful full-page ads celebrating the real meaning of Christmas, Easter and Independence Day in newspapers across the country. The impact and relevancy of these messages is ongoing, so we post them here for your enjoyment,” the site explains.

In 2014, the Supreme Court upheld the right of Hobby Lobby to deny access to birth control for employees through their health insurance. They had argued that allowing the access would have violated their religious beliefs.

Lori Windham, a lawyer for Hobby Lobby, said at the time that, “the Supreme Court recognized that Americans do not lose their religious freedom when they run a family business.”

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15 responses to “Hobby Lobby Facing Leftist Backlash Over Ad That Calls for ‘Christian-Run Government’”

  1. Wish they would switch to products not made in China

  2. PolishPierogi says:

    I’ll stand with you any day, anywhere. Very based and honest post!

  3. UppityG says:

    Shop double for me, we don’t live anywhere near one anymore. God bless.

  4. UppityG says:

    I’ve never been a proselyte, and I’m a severely back-slidden Catholic, but — but, for the past couple decades I’ve been noticing how very important, very beneficial, the influence of Christianity has on well-organized and attractive societies. The kind that lots of non-Christians wish to be in, without doing any of the hard work of making the society well-organized and attractive. And so, unless they’re trained to prize and protect the elements of Christendom that are fundamental to keeping the society well-organized and attractive, they act by default according to what they grew up on and that belief system tends to disagree with the tenets of Christianity. Americans born here have all been doing it all our lives, living according to the principles of Christianity, whether we’re Christians or not.

    America doesn’t need to become a theocracy, no, but it does need to stay based on, maintained by and faithful to Christian principles. Face it, strong and thoughtful Christian community leaders tend to lead fellow Christians and non-Christians toward making their communities clean, beautiful, safe and innovative.

    I think we need to elect representatives who are Christian and we need to shun and ridicule anyone who whines that they’ll make policy decisions based on their religion. Exactly, you fool. You think the Muslim reps *aren’t* doing that? You think the atheists, satanists and Scientologists *aren’t* doing that? We have to stop letting all of them act like only Christians are guilty of violating the separation of church and state in their policy making.

    Besides, Christians have allowed non-Christians to muscle in and shame them out of power with the facile taunt “putting a cross on a public land is a violation of Church and State.” No, ya’ retards, it means the State can’t dictate a state religion like the UK did, that’s all. We have to wise up and realize that yes, we can refuse to allow a statue to satan on public land and it does not make us hypocrites. It makes us discerning and self-preserving.

    We have to fight back and not let anyone talk us out of it.

  5. Viewtifuljoe says:

    I should shop at Hobby Lobby more. Jesus saves.

  6. Viewtifuljoe says:

    Leftists don’t have money. This is why they want the government to give them other people’s stuff.

  7. BFairfax123 says:

    Is this supposed to be satire ? Of course the founders were religious men as a rule everyone in the 18th century was . The idea that a Corporation might want Americans to try to live by the principals this country was founded upon shouldn’t be surprising to anyone . This is just another attempt to find fault with people who might consider themselves patriots .

  8. Slayer92291 says:

    Ha they’ll hate on Hobby Lobby but in the end they will still shop there!

  9. AresHammer1132 says:

    Not as people *

  10. AresHammer1132 says:

    So Hobby-Lobby, a well know Christian run organization wants Judeo-Christian values in society? Pretty shocking stuff.

    I honestly loathe the left…not as but as a religion/cult.


  11. Mark_H says:

    Islam is not merely a religion. It is. form of government that that also serves as a religion.

    Why isn’t AOC and her type asked a simple question, and a simple follow up?

    What is a theocracy? Is a theocracy compatible with a Constitutional Republic?

  12. Felix_The_Rat says:

    Calling for America’s citizenry to turn to God is not calling for a religion run state. Though, given that they wish to impose their world view onto others, by means of government force, I suppose this isn’t a surprising misconception on their part. After all, our own motivations / beliefs are our most readily available frame of reference, when trying to determine what is motivating someone else’s actions.

  13. Olquin says:

    I usually don’t attack strawmen but this is bad. For all the youngsters, there was a sign that read “Bombing for peace is like F*ing for virginity” or in this case hating for tolerance. They don’t even realize they are being intolerant and calling people to action (boycotts) against others for their believes. Guess haters going hate.

  14. JRizzo says:

    These idiots have lost all semblance of nuance, they live in a dark and dreary world. White supremacy around every corner, every conservative is an alt right Death squad waiting to happen, the government, even though it imparts a blind eye to their borderline terroristic tactics, is enslaving and killing people based on their skin tone. They’re truly intellectually compromised.

  15. Scootouchard says:

    Who cares what leftists say leftists don’t buy any goods anyways.